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  1. Buddy is picking the car up today.
  2. I will be deciding if I'm going to part it out this weekend. I'm going to drive up to my buddy's place and go look at his car. If I want it I will be parting it out. If not I'll probably be having him pick the x8 up and finish it for me because I'm lazy
  3. 4dr r32. I'm not a big Nissan guy but it's a good price to where if I don't like it I can make a few bucks off of it. The 1uz was for my other shell that is trashed and I had a 2jzgte for this one but my buddy wanted it in his s13 more then I wanted it so I made a little money.
  4. No build thread. It's not running that why it's up for sale/part out. I just don't feel like finishing it and a buddy offered me his car for a good price so I'm trying to pick that up What it needs to be finished Fuel lines from fire wall to engine All the brake lines in the engine bay Driver side header and exhaust If you keep the brembos finish drilling out the adapters and spindles And either fix the factory body harness or rewire the whole car.
  5. Car is located in Omaha Nebraska. Call or text (402)680-1641 $3500 but if enough interest I will part it out. WHEELS DO NOT GO WITH THE CAR Run down 89 Cressida Motor/trans 1uzfe Brand new Timing belt water pump Cap Rotor Spark plugs Wire set Cam sensors Valve cover gaskets Exhaust manifold gasket Xcessive swap brackets Xcessive solid motor mounts W58 trans. Xcessive adapter plate Xcessive poly trans mount Xcessive trans cross member 4runner flywheel (modded for swap) 4runner clutch Ls1 slave cylinder Driveshaft shop 1 piece aluminum driveshaft Suspension/brakes Serialnine/stance coils 350z track edition brembos Ebc yellow stuff pads up front Xcessive rear arms Xcessive solid subframe bushings Xcessive supra diff mount/solid diff mount Supra diff Random other parts Xcessive skid plate Dm aero roof spoiler and trd rep trunk spoiler Aem ugo wideband Xcessive seat mounts I am most likely missing stuff I'm keeping the wheels in the pictures. http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c377/thejrman/8D6BDEB3-2AF8-471B-B6E6-41CF669782DC-5026-000005A3EA56EBCE_zpsd784cc48.jpg http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c377/thejrman/25972706-7A59-4DEF-960E-6F01BBCBD2CF-5026-000005A3F13F633D_zpsdd6f04c2.jpg
  6. thejrman

    WHEELS bitches

    I'm guessing 4x114.3
  7. thejrman

    Tw 350z track edition brembos

    No interest?
  8. thejrman

    Tw 350z track edition brembos

    I started making mine out of 3/8in steel I just new to drill my spindle and the spacer and it should work.
  9. I have a full set of brembos off 350z track edition $1200+ shipping and paypal fees. Call or text 402-680-1641 Front and rear calipers Drilled and slotted front rotors Blank rear rotors Ebc yellow stuff front pads Stock rear pads The front calipers bolt on if you drill out the caliper mounting holes on your spindles and make a bracket to space them out. You might be able to use the the adapter for the 300z brakes. The rears you will have to make your own brackets. I'll get more pictures soon.
  10. thejrman

    Fs 2jzgte and 1uz engine harness for x8

    $350 firm shipped for the jz harness
  11. thejrman

    Fs 2jzgte and 1uz engine harness for x8

    Might end up keeping the uz harness. Also both of these harness's where done by guy smiley
  12. Selling both of my engine harness's I'm going megasquirt on the 1uz so I don't need that harness anymore and I sold my 2jz so I don't need the harness anymyore. Prices are without shipping. I'm located in Omaha Nebraska. If you have any questions call or text me 402-680-1641 I'm Zach. Fs 1uz engine harness wired for x8 $400 Fs 2jzgte engine harness wired for x8 $400 1uz harness 2j harness
  13. thejrman

    Wheel fitment bitches x8!

    River Side MAEs 18x9.5 +29 225/35 18x10.5 +11 225/40 Fronts fit prefect car needs to be lowered a little. But the rear is going to need some work
  14. thejrman

    Random x8 parts for sale

    Ill take the pump
  15. thejrman

    sunroof-less x8 roof

    or just do what my buddy did to his civic to remove the cheap sunroof it had that leaked rivet a piece of aluminum over it