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  1. lowill1915

    Comfortable-ish lowering options...

    i think this is priceless omg really dude man up and get a car thats safe. i have no room to talk about getting the fuck out im still a noob. but theres no such thing as a comfortable lowering option. sorry man.
  2. lowill1915

    lowill's slow-ass build

    yeah i guess its not but its good new for my car.
  3. lowill1915

    lowill's slow-ass build

    so an update on my build i just got some good news of a 2jzge and a 5speed swap coming in the near future.
  4. lowill1915

    lowill's slow-ass build

    think it would have been better then i could do.
  5. lowill1915

    lowill's slow-ass build

    yes i have orange peel i got most of it out but still needs alot more work. just base clear i had to keep it cheap. but now that i see it i should have just went to maco for the $300 special im sure they would have done alot better then me. lol the base was the easy part it getting the clear to go on right that i didn't like at all.
  6. lowill1915

    lowill's slow-ass build

    so i know my build itsnt that great so heres some pictures of what it looked like and pictures after i painted it. keep in mind this is my first time painting a car. and heres painting thats all i have for right now. i will keep the update going as time goes on.
  7. lowill1915

    lowill's slow-ass build

    I have been trying really hard to save up money so i could get some stuff done on my cressida but money is tight and not alot has been done to it but im hoping with in the next month or so to make a purchase so i can begin my adventure. i just got some free wheels from a friend not the greatest but alot better then saw blades and cant beat the price of free. the off set sucks. i was thinking about getting some wheel spacers but i don't know if i trust them. things i want to do is get some s9 coilovers, 2jzge for now im on a low budget swaybars because i just looked at the back one and said does it even do anything lol. better wheels, welded diff or a better diff. cage way down the road. 5speed is coming soon with in a month. ect ect ect.
  8. lowill1915

    w58 swap

    from what i have read and have been told you just have to shim the mk3 one to make it sit right.
  9. lowill1915

    mx83 sway bar size

    lol thanks for the help.
  10. lowill1915

    mx83 sway bar size

    im looking to get some energy suspension bushing for my sway bars but im not sure what size they are. could someone help me out i searched on google and on here with no luck.