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  1. A pair of bad aero winker jackets in orange. Translation = blinker covers for gx-70 and gx-71. Nib never installed. $50 per obo. Pm me for paypal info.
  2. GRAFH


    Ttt. Been busy. If you're not good at math these are not for you.
  3. $150 Shipped. In perfect working order.
  4. GRAFH

    MX73 vs MA70

    I have a line on some ma70 coilovers and was wondering if they will work on a 73?
  5. GRAFH

    MX73 vs MA70

    Machining and welding is not a problem. Was wondering if anyone has successfully completed this type of install.
  6. GRAFH

    MX73 vs MA70

    So you're saying they will?
  7. GRAFH

    4 liters of fun X7

    You should ditch the entire ac system and get rid of the condenser. Then install a radiator where the condenser is, under that support rail. Get a shorter radiator from afco.
  8. GRAFH


    Need to order some, where did you get yours for your x73?
  9. What kind of car do you have?
  10. New DJ Green Lantern mix cd fs. $8.00 shipped. This is the original from Green Lantern not a copy. Pm me for paypal info. Sample track >> http://www.youtube.c...h?v=xiRY5PMKhxU
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    I have 2 for sale. $75 each shipped. Nib never used. Pm me for payment info.
  12. GRAFH

    JDM Tail lights FS

    I'm selling two pairs of JDM tail lights. $100 for each pair. Look similar to these. Pm me for paypal info.
  13. GRAFH

    JDM Tail lights FS

    The price posted.
  14. Pair of jdm cressida wagon tails. $100 shipped. Pm me for paypal info.
  15. GRAFH

    JDM Tail lights FS

    Second type sold.
  16. GRAFH

    JDM Tail lights FS

    Do not know. Buy them and lmk.
  17. GRAFH

    JDM Tail lights FS

    Actually I was mistaken, they don't look like above. They have been sitting in my basement for the last 10+ years so I forgot what they looked like exactly. I actually have 2 pairs fs. Pictures below. First type: Second type:
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  19. GRAFH

    X pics only!!!!

    Not an x but a four door yota none the less also in HD >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUBa_a60Pb0
  20. Haha, fuck them. Most of them are honda ricers who think they can drift now because they bought a nissan.