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  1. jackc

    JZX81 PARTOUT | 1JZ | X8 | Universal

    It was a non-VVTi 1JZ. Stock twins and some bolt ons at 1.0 bar.
  2. jackc

    JZX81 PARTOUT | 1JZ | X8 | Universal

    Sorry T-bone, skirts gone already. Y0SH I'm not TOTALLY opposed to shipping. Just know that I'm not equipped at all to properly pack and box aero. In order to do so would have to be worth my time and effort somehow. Or you'd have to handle the logistics on your end (I drop it off somewhere, they handle it sorta deal).
  3. Here's all what's left for sale off my JZX81 Cresta. Prices are in USD. Will ship anything at buyer's expense unless otherwise noted. Paypal add +3% unless you trust me enough to gift it. 1JZ ECU - SOLD 1JZ ignitor - $100 1JZ starter (has the usual dead spot issue, easy fix online somewhere) - $40 Autometer CF oil pressure gauge (no sender) – $40 Bride Type FX sidemount fixed FIA approved rail (RH) - $140 Bride Type MO bottom mount seat rail (RH) - SOLD Brinkin X8 Cressida rear overs - NEW - $600 *NO SHIPPING Clock delete 60mm gauge mount kit - $10 Custom 1JZ PS Cooler setup – $200 Destruction king front bumper - $300 *NO SHIPPING Greddy 1JZ solid upper rad hose (with temp sensor bung and Greddy couplers) - SOLD HKS 50mm wastegate - $200 HKS mushroom intake - $30 JZX81 stock rad - $20 JZX81 power folding mirrors, no button - $40 JZX81 stock knuckles, ready for cut and weld - $60 JZX81 stock arms - $ cheap, just ask JZX81 OEM chrome door handles + trunk lock - SOLD JZX81 RHD steering rack - $250 JZX81 front 5 lug hubs - $50 JZX81 OEM 3 point strut bar - SOLD JZX81 OEM cresta window visors, 2 cracked in half painted tan - SOLD Mishimoto High Mount 1JZ I/C setup (with removable rad support for X8) – $180 OEM Toyota front bra for 3rd gen 4Runner (NEW) - $50 OEM S13 LCAs boxed + drilled for X8 tension rods (bolt in for X8, +25mm and a few degrees angle with no bumpstops) – $150 SAFC 2 with harness – $160 Random gauge pods - $10 each Random plate frames - $5 each Rear subframe w/ fresh reman'd axles – $150 T4 topmount manifold modded dump for RHD with new gaskets - SOLD Toyota unknown steering wheel hub - SOLD Turbosmart MBC (with sweet blue lines) – $60 XM engine mounts – SOLD I've also got a ton of stock stuff like arms, trunklids, doors, fuel tanks etc. If you need something specific just ask. TRADES CONSIDERED only for wheels. 5x114.3 17"-19" inch Japanese made only -OR- any 6 lug 4x4 wheels 15"-16". PLEASE EMAIL ME AT JACK J CONNELLY (ONE WORD) (AT) G MAIL (DOT) COM I don't go on forums much. I'll forget to look and miss your PM til it's 2016 and too late.
  4. jackc

    The (Amazing) x8 Amazing build thread Amazing

    I think Kirbz with the A31 made those himself. I talked to him about them at Final Bout but I was drunk and dont remember really
  5. My axle went on the highway, car sounded like a freight train
  6. jackc

    Crab Cab

    Fucking Laurel front rules
  7. jackc

    Can we talk about bash bars?

    I'll be doing bash bars for sure. Especially after seeing what was saved on Jordan's car after the wall at Final Bout (SR miata). That car would have had CR01 up in the manifold had it not been for his bash bars.
  8. jackc

    Midnight Battle Station

    Boat vent thing looks cool
  9. jackc

    WTB Solid Clutch

    Im running a Clutch Masters Stage something or other. I know Mats has hookups on them as he mentioned in another thread. His seems to be doing fine in FD. Mine has been in there since I bought the car (4+ years ago) and I've beat the fuck out of it. Who knows what it saw before I got it. Trans blew and when I pulled the trans the clutch and everything was still fine. I don't know what they are worth but when the time comes for a new one I'll be hitting up Mats for another one no question. Super easy to daily on too.
  10. jackc

    Crab Cab

    c33 front is fucking rad. I love stuff like this
  11. jackc

    Mark Ass Trick. Trick Ass MarkII.

    ^ me talking to myself in my head at least once daily
  12. I meant importing a chassis from Japan to North America. Going from Canada to the US im pretty sure you could take a JDM chassis across as long as it was landed properly in Canada first.
  13. Ive looked into importing a chassis before, they wont do it. Car needs to be running and mostly complete. I dont know what JDM tax would be like down there on imports, but auto 1G X8s could be brought in pretty cheap. Ive seen some non 1J 100s go up for like $3500. You trying to make this thing street legal? Like I said, if you're set on a jzx81 you'll probably have a hard time. If an 81 chassis did come up I feel like it would get snatched quick. Probably by me. Importing a running 89 like aphxero said is probably the best bet.
  14. Mine has a few questionable mods. Pretty common on most imported cars id say though. I've always kept my eyes open for jzx parts and chassis up here and its not as available as you may think. I've seen a couple 90's (shawley) but I've never actually come across a jzx81 chassis or part-out up here.