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  1. ropadopa


    That's what I was thinking.
  2. ropadopa


    Good ideas, I have a nice set of drag radials. Runs on stock ECU using the 1j vale body in the 2j trans. Reason for using the aristo trans is that they are plentiful and the converter and drive shaft combo I bought was made for the 2j aristo vvti trans so it just made sense. Kept I safe and simple for the old man, now that I got I back I have been contimplating making a switch to keep the trans out of lock up and run it manually on the converter.
  3. ropadopa


    Yeah the turbo badge is a little much, and dam Gordo it looks some of theses kids rubbed of on you with the Moar lower bit. Lol
  4. ropadopa


    Car looks the same, couple years back it got a 3800 stall converter with an Aristo trans and drilled and shimmed valve body.
  5. ropadopa


    Back in the nerd club again, some I'm the owner of this once again.
  6. ropadopa

    bradlee's X8...

    Thanks for the share. Good job,
  7. ropadopa

    Its like this and like that and like this and ah

    Ok hipsters hopefully we can all leave this shit behind this year
  8. ropadopa

    1JZGTE VVTI Standalone Options!

    everyone in this area has been jockin, ECU master
  9. ropadopa

    fuel cut jzx100 enginesets

    Wats up with the crickets
  10. ropadopa

    fuel cut jzx100 enginesets

    I realize its a basic question. Im using a Map ecu to clamp voltage for my own car. I understand what needs to be done. I was inquiring on what product people are using and are successful. This if for a recent customers car.The STD model HKS FCD has a dial and it just may do it but HKS has a listing for the JZX100 and its an H model. I was hoping you wiz kids had a simple kill on this already.
  11. ropadopa

    fuel cut jzx100 enginesets

    I understand what is needed i was thinking about trying the HKS FCD here on my desk. Its a STD model and the box has a listing for jzx100 H model which seems to be for some Nissans, so where can you buy the Nissan one on the cheap. The FCD I have here was 49. bucks new on ebay china copy.
  12. ropadopa

    fuel cut jzx100 enginesets

    Looking at different options on how to get around boost cut with the jzx100 vvti auto engine sets.
  13. it will be 10 years in april for me, dont own a cressida ATM, Drove one yesterday to keep it real....
  14. ropadopa

    MX83 tach work with 1UZFE?

  15. ropadopa

    MX83 tach work with 1UZFE?

    I axed him and he said you can swap out any 4cylinder with single coil tach board, closer to the same year is better, he used one from an ae86 successfully.