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  1. blaine

    my mx83

    found another set of wheels to rock on the car... not nearly as bad now, also got my clutch pedal/master mocked up my clutch kit gets here friday thats when my w58 goes in. maybe one day ill quit bein lazy and do the moldings. here she sits now
  2. blaine


    ^^^ wow hahaha
  3. blaine

    my mx83

    molds goin back on ... was fallin off so im gonna clean it an retape. i know about the rims. haha just cant afford some good ones right now. gonna get rota grids when money and wife allow
  4. blaine

    my mx83

    well thought i would stop holdin out and actually post some shit and get involved on the site. that being said here is my cressida when i bought it 2nd owner 104xxx pretty clean. started reading and i'm not drifting the car its a baby getter. anyways i still wanted to drop it some. went with teins for s14,and agx's i like the ride and look for now i still plan on spacing the wheels and other small things here and there. gonna relocate blinkers to corners and volvo lip. let me know what ya think so far
  5. i dont envy your situation man... be prayin for violette bro.
  6. blaine

    w58 swap

    ^ what he said
  7. blaine


    7mx63 that shirt is the shit man...
  8. blaine

    w58 swap

    well i didnt have the parts in front of me yet, and i wanted to know exactly what i was doin before hand. my bad for the stupid post...
  9. blaine

    w58 swap

    thanks. i will be pulling all the parts friday. swap next weekend hopefully... lookin at the volvo lips now. they look like a good fit
  10. blaine

    project fresshida

    sick car man... definitely the standard
  11. blaine

    w58 swap

    i like the whole straight ghetto appeal... lol good advice about the new gear a thought i been havin. does anyone have a pic of the brake pedal cutting i cant picture what you cut on it?
  12. blaine

    w58 swap

    yea thats what i believe i'm goin to do. i read to take one stud off the master and tighten it really good? i like your idea better though because it still has both bolts
  13. blaine

    w58 swap

    cacressida thanks for the input i was just searching that and wondering why the posting as well? anyway i have read to use a spacer with a mk3 and it will work. the only reason im stuck on that is that im getting all this from an mk3 donor car. thanks for all the insight guys
  14. blaine

    w58 swap

    word on the skreet is mk3 everything bro... pedals are bolt on from what ive read just gotta shim or trim
  15. blaine

    w58 swap

    thanks for the feedback man. i am getting it all from a mk3. the whole thing for 250. its a fuckin steal. ill post up if i run into anything. i need the 5 speed starter right?