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    WTB Stock mx83 gauge cluster

    PM me for more info I have 4 of them $40 shipped

    which jzx81 bumpers fit best?

    yeah the lips not that great of a fit -better than no lip.... I think it looks better on a stock cress bumper... sorry D had to steal your shit lol

    which jzx81 bumpers fit best?

    pics........ had to cut this.... to fit in here... the sideburns are still on... didnt cut them ... the corner light has a gap... other then that ... I think it fits on good I have the whole frontend and plan on swaping everything .... just fucking around with the bumper

    which jzx81 bumpers fit best?

    exactly.... sideburns kinda get in the way deff not bolt on swap... I did some cutting on the mk2 bumper support and theres a slight gap on the side of the head lights... I did this kinda shity Im sure when I have more time Ill gett it fitted better Ill post some pics up soon...
  5. Im still waiting for Mishimoto to get back at me.... Took measurements test fits and gave them all the info like mths ago.... http://jzxproject.com/bbs/index.php?showtopic=3412

    Sal pass

    Sal are you really that board at work ... Lets do this run down does not own an x chassis - fail seasonal vegan -fail owns a "sil 80" -fail has an asian gf - fail but... helped me with my swap- knows his shit - has usefull info - has a 1J- drives at events- damn and your my boy my all american boy.... PASS
  7. Jason I pmed you ... its FREE 99 as far as pricing for everyone else ... I was told around $200 but Im guessing the same as an mk3 rad- gotta look up how much those run for and yes this is all going down @ pride performane http://www.pride-performance.com/index1.html

    Japanese Buick Couture

    looking sick where did you get the front end from?? looks clean

    Mo pass

    toyota tech- good cress history - from my jerz area PASS

    572hp 540 tq 1.5jz nycressida dyno

    You know you owe me and D another ride now that this things really moving Get a big ass IC and pic us now - I got a helmet for the back seat lol

    Donky mx83

    Nice- back in a real car and a clean one too- good find
  12. A buddy of mine is working at a shop thats a Mishimoto deal http://www.mishimoto.com/ We talked about a cressida rad and he said if there's some interest they would deff make them and for about half the price of the griffin and koyo rads I dont have any experience with Mishimoto but from the people that I know have - they had nothing bad to say about there stuff Im not sure if its that serious where they need a head count and a deposit and all that stuff - but I was just asked to email them a link to this post so they could see what kind of interest is out there I know Im down plus one other person so were at +2 Anyone else down????? interested ???? any feed back on Mishimoto ???? Questions????? ok so heres the deal still have some more r&d on the rad but looks like there going to mod the mk3 rad to fit the cress I know I know I dont have a 1J no mo so I had to test it out on my DD I dont think this is going to effect the way a 1j should fit in there with electric fans witch most ppl run ... the fan shroud deff does not fit in there so thats outta the question Jason if your serious and want the rad we should test it in your car ... hit me up

    JZX rep @ ECB

    yup that was mine - its my daily I drive the shit out of that car to NYC and SI so.... Slammed and nice wheels will stay on jersey roads with my other cress '' in the making'' You going to be in philly D1??
  14. Once again like last year just some sick drifting going down - where the fuck was rich and ameen??? The only four door drifting going down was from Mats and Ninjabread The cars were sic nice talking to both you guys and hope to see you out here for more events heres some of my shity pics - my friend had a media pass and got all the action pics on the corse ill post a link later