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  1. Cyrious

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    I want this exact car.. I hate you. Seiously this is like an auction grade 4 at least.
  2. Cyrious

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    Get a triple disc clutch and a lenco trans, problem solved. No more stall or gear ratio issues.
  3. Cyrious

    Midnight Battle Station

    Only the things pictured above are going to be gold, engine bay, hoses/fittings and tanks will all be black, and some polished aluminum pieces as well. The idea is for the engine to pop out at you. Yeah i think i'll hold off on the intake for now. I was driving the car up until winter, and I plan to have it back on the road in the spring. But yes some serious gold member vibes hah.
  4. Cyrious

    Midnight Battle Station

    Got my block assembled for the most part.. I'm currently porting and polishing the head. Just removing flash casting and bringing the combustion chambers to a mirror finish to prevent carbon and hot spots from happening. Going to cc balance each of them. I got a powder coating rig from eastwood. Now that I have it, I just want to powered coat everything. Also as you can see.. I have an obsession with gold.. I'm on a hacked ramen diet, because I need more car parts. Shlammed sold me his z32 brakes. I think I'm going to powder coat them when I get some time.. I was to lazy to go take a picture, so I figured I'd recycle his picture. Trying to decide if this intake will be worth it. There are two aftermarket intake designs that I know of, the shit ebay one and this one.. I'de really like to know the gains on using them. I'm currently leaning to running my oem intake for now, so I can afford shlammed's ross balancer. I'de also like other peoples opinions on the aero... I wanted it for so long... now I have it, but I'm 30 years old now, and after one year, it's already lost its appeal and I'm missing the sleeper look of the jzx81 oem bumpers. I can also lower my car and not have to worry about scraping the kit up. I also sold my HY35 and opted for an HE351cw, my reasoning was simple.. the he351 is supposed to boost just as quick but flows much better, I didnt want to go the hx35/40 route because I wanted quick spool, cheap and robust. I can easily find another holset to replace this one if I have to. Mine is currently torn apart for rebuild and powder coating. I also got some new 550cc bosch ev14 top feed injectors flow matched by performance injection, which im pretty stoked about. Having a heated garage for once really helps with progress..
  5. Why don't you just buy an ebay manifold and be done with it? Seems to work for everyone else.. Why would you want a bottom mount setup? I thought the whole point of having a jzx was to have a top mount so you can show off your turbo? AN lines for your brake booster vac hoses... seriously?
  6. Cyrious

    Midnight Battle Station

    Nice work. Can any holset guys chime in? A friend wants to trade me my hy35 for his hx35. I really like the hy35 for the 1jz because it has a smaller hot side.. But since I'm going 2j bottom end.. Anyone running one on a 3.0 bottom end? If so when does it spool up by? I'm planning on making 500whp only and want fast spool. Should I just keep the hy? Basically what I'm asking is which turbo is better for 1jz and 2jz. My guess is the hy35 would spool up super fast (2-3000rpm) and max out at 500hp on a 3.0 bottom end. HX35 8-blade: A/R- 0.89 Compressor inducer- 56mm Compressor exducer- 83mm Compressor trim- 46 Turbine inducer- 69.5mm Turbine exducer- 60mm Turbine trim- 75 HX35 7-blade: (His) A/R- 0.89 Compressor inducer- 56mm Compressor exducer- 76mm Compressor trim- 54 Turbine inducer- 69.5mm Turbine exducer- 60mm Turbine trim- 75 HY35: (mine) A/R- 0.65 Compressor inducer- 56mm Compressor exducer- 76mm Compressor trim- 54 Turbine inducer- 65mm Turbine exducer- 58mm Turbine trim- 80 HE351: A/R- 0.65 Compressor inducer- 60mm Compressor exducer- 84.582mm Compressor trim- 54 Turbine inducer- 65mm Turbine exducer- 58mm Turbine trim- 80
  7. Cyrious

    Project Hantavirus

    Much respect for your build, mainly for figuring out compatible parts all the time.
  8. Cyrious

    Midnight Battle Station

    Yes, if you tried overtightening the top nut the coil would turn with the assembly and bind, to loose and the spherical bearing would clunk. So I wanted to get to the bottom of it. S9 remedied the situation asap. My guess is stance didnt anticipate people using them for daily driving when they first came out so they didnt put torrington (needle) bearings in the top hat. Maybe because theyre wear and tear.. No clue. All i know is my front end is 100% remedied. Im sure if someone wasnt in a warranty situation they could easily size a needle bearing for their top hat to make their own assembly as battleaxe did.
  9. Cyrious

    Midnight Battle Station

    Ok so I got imgur. So here's what I got done this summer. Got sick of coil bind and other bs, so contacted s9, guess my coilovers were the first series that didnt have torrington upper hats. So they sent me some in the mail, problem solved. Rebuilt my hy35 and polished the compressor housing. Got gx81 front lights and grill, and they were packed by a mongoloid. He reimbursed me so i ordered replacements. Found some shit as crimps from the dude I paid to build my conversion harness when I was 20. (back before I knew what I was doing. Seems that all my gremlins where a shotty crimp at the map wire and a dead open crimp on the rear cam sensor. So I cleaned up the harness, no more codes. Took some pictures before doing some midnight sessions. Did a compression test on the 1jz and found 100psi dry 120 psi wet. Probably washed my cylinders down when the map wire was cutting out and cooked the rings. So I started building this 2jzgte block I had laying around. Decked .004, honed and hot tanked. Painted her golden... because that's how shes going to run. Stock oil pump ports Touched up the ports, smoothed out the casting lines to remove those restrictions. Started gapping rings and cleaning up the pistons. The crank and bearings were mint but I ordered ACL bearings, frost plugs, o-rings just cause.
  10. Cyrious

    Midnight Battle Station

    It's ridiculous, because the vast majority of people used photobucket. There will be a great deal of really useful information compromised because of this ridiculous cash grab. I'd pay something reasonable like $10-20/mth for hosting or member account. How do you go from free to $400? I guess if you are like a photographer or someone who needs web hosting, you'd basically have a gun to your head.
  11. Cyrious

    Midnight Battle Station

    For fuck sakes. Haven't posted in a long time because of this photobucket bullshit, and i'm too busy working on my car to deal with it. I cant see any of mine or anyone else's pictures. Are people actually paying the $400 annual fee or is there a different hosting service they are using??
  12. Cyrious

    Mark Ass Trick. Trick Ass MarkII.

    Kyle is going to have to one up him and make a mini pig drifting commercial.
  13. Cyrious

    An in-depth look at white trash etiquette

    ^ Amen to that! Didn't realize it was a gx. No way you'll get me in the right side of anything unless it has a jz engine. Does it get pretty good fuel mileage at least?
  14. Cyrious

    Mark Ass Trick. Trick Ass MarkII.

    Thought i'de just leave this here.