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  1. Ehh i would stop at the valve cover.
  2. DiscoShit

    1980 Corolla 4 door

    Wish u were closer. Id deff buy it
  3. DiscoShit

    1980 Corolla 4 door

    Love e7s, i have 2 of them. One is stock and the other is 3sge/itb.
  4. DiscoShit

    MX83 Drift Caliper Bracket

    Unless you blow out the caliper seal like oki did. Too much pressure from the bigger master might do that.
  5. Interested in the shade. Even though i have a slight tint.
  6. DiscoShit

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    Dang, sucks bro. I got my harness from wiring specialties in 2 weeks after order, With the shops discound i paid about 710 plus shipping.
  7. DiscoShit

    Curse of the Cressida

    Looks good so far.
  8. What exactly is the audio box gordo, small sub or an amp of some sort?
  9. DiscoShit

    mark2 jzx81 brakes

    Gold lol
  10. Agree with gordo,Fix that shit. Mount looks terrible.
  11. DiscoShit

    Pearly whites and black metal

    By the way, im almost certain the skirts on that mark2 are from the autech version cefiros. A buddy of mine has one locally, ive been looking for them for months.
  12. DiscoShit

    JZS Project

    Looks good.
  13. DiscoShit

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    Looks good. Nice horns thoo loll
  14. DiscoShit

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    I put a similar power block on mine. Good stuff.
  15. DiscoShit

    progress at a glacial pace

    I droped ryan tuerks 1jz off the stand when i was swaping his black hatch s13. :X
  16. DiscoShit

    progress at a glacial pace

    Nice, should be fine
  17. DiscoShit

    new guy here

    Theres a company called ocd works that makes billet everything for the 2jz. I want all that shit but it is pricey!
  18. DiscoShit

    new guy here

    Aesthetically there is nothing pleasing about a lsx.
  19. DiscoShit

    Unfinished 1JZ X7 Dead Whores Status

    Sounds healthy. Video looks filmed with a potatoe though.
  20. DiscoShit

    new guy here

    Looks like a gates racing belt. At least get some gte valve covers
  21. Did anyone ever compare the original markII roof wing to a dm aero cressida one? I know he made some changes to it but im not sure how drastic. Might pick up a red from that guy ricky.
  22. DiscoShit

    progress at a glacial pace

    So what are you buying after
  23. DiscoShit

    Phresh off the boat X110