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  1. Username

    Trap Star 1JZ-GTE UCF20 build.

    I'm not gonna sit here and post pics of my friend's car. I will say it's done and he's been driving it for a while now. I'll try to get him to post an update.
  2. Username

    Another JZX7.. A real diff in an x7??????

    Been wanting to do this same diff in my car for years. Glad to see someone else did it. Hopefully you get the pinion angle sorted out dude. I'd love to see this finished. JimmyHoffa does make a good point. I guess you'll find out for sure after its on the road for a bit. Hopefully it works out in the end.
  3. Username

    MX73 Rear Subframe Bushings

    Damn I just had to machine my S9 x7 bushings to fit my subframe because they didn't fit. Wish I would of gotten these instead.
  4. Username

    Xcessive Polyurethane tranny mount

    Ordered this and the urethane mounts to go with it. Can't wait to get them installed. Just curious, how long does shipping usually take to FL? I ordered them on 5/24, but never got a tracking number.
  5. Username

    Garcia's Build

    LMK if you need help with anything dude. Even if I don't have an answer for something right away, I can help you figure it out. What was the deal with the old harness?
  6. Username

    MKII Supra 2JZ Swap

    Trust me I don't have money to "throw around" took me about a year to save up for this. But the wait will be worth it in the end.
  7. Username

    MKII Supra 2JZ Swap

    Main reasons for building motor, piston from #6 cyl. Cracked from the bottom ringland almost to the pinboss and cracks inbetween the 1st and 2nd ringlands. The other pistons aren't that bad but #3 had a crack in it also. Im pretty sure it was detonation from overboosting when I was setting up my mac valve. I did a pull and it spiked to 30psi on pump gas...yeah about that. Engine "seemed" ok for a while but it felt slower and was harder to start so I did a compression test, which lead me to spend a retarded amount of money on my car.
  8. Username

    MKII Supra 2JZ Swap

    Foompla, Im just as excited as you. Drivetrain would hold up for a bit on the street, but Ill make sure to bring spares of everything when I hit the track.
  9. Username

    Xcessive X8 rear subframe bushings

    Any plans on making bushings for x7's?
  10. Username

    MKII Supra 2JZ Swap

    Figured this was a worthy update Oil filter is temporary, its only there for now to seal the motor. Once back in the car it will have a BLOX sandwich plate Intake port Exhaust port Breakdown of the built motor: Bottom End: -Carillo Rods w/CARR bolts and .180 wall pins -CP Pistons 10:1 (.020 over) -Clevite Rod Bearings and Toyota Main Bearings/Thrust Washers -Program Billet Main Caps -ARP Main studs -Billet Timing Belt Tensioner Bracket -OEM Toyota Oil Pump -All machine work was done by Total Engine Performance (same guys who build Titan's 3.4L engines) also a torque plate was used when the cylinders were bored. -All new OEM seals and 0-rings -All assembly was done by Errol@TPS in West Palm Beach,FL Head: -Ported and Polished by Errol@TPS in West Palm Beach,FL -Machine work was done by Total Engine Performance -Ferrea +1mm oversized intake and exhaust valves -Ferrea Seats -Ferrea Locaters -Ferrea Guides -Ferrea Dual Valve Springs -Ferrea Valve Stem Seals -Ferrea Valve Keepers -Ferrea Titanium Retainers -OEM Toyota Headgasket -ARP L19 Headstuds Guaranteed to hold 1200-1500hp on any given day! (with a bigger ring gap) But unfortunately the project is on hold for now. I want to get rid of my credit card debt so Im focusing on that right now. Its not much but its enough to the point where I dont want to deal with it. Plus its nice having one less bill each month. Ill still be doing stuff to the chassis though. I have a few ideas I want to try out so this is the perfect time.
  11. 3in from the turbo to a burns stainless muffler, sounded perfect. Wasnt loud crusing speed but it did drone a bit on the highway, then again my car is completely gutted and the exhaust was solid mounted. Then I went to a fender exit and yeah shit was loud, but sounded amazing at full tilt on the highway.
  12. Username

    "I Told You So"

    Mo has the exact idea. And try to make sure everything is close to level as possible too. Work on a fairly flat concrete and shim the jackstands(or liftarms) so the car is at least near level. Itd suck to spend so much time making mounts and bolting everything together just to find out your shit is crooked.
  13. Username

    GS 5spd Conversion

    This is gonna be awesome! +1 on getting the ATI or titan dampener, the stocker is just asking to fly apart(not literally).
  14. Username

    x7 Solid subframe bushings in stock?

    So you're saying it was almost $70 to ship less then 10lbs? Seems pretty high shipping cost. I dont doubt its worth it. I was planning on making my own but after the cost of material, designing them and then paying a machinist to make them its cheaper and less of a headache if I get them from S9. I need to make sure that subframe doesnt move since my new goal is to crack 9.80's on a 26" slick.