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  1. jnianekeo

    WTB JZX110 shifter assembly

    As stated in the title looking for a JZX110 R154 shifter assembly. It's not quite the same as what we have around here..... Any ideas or sources would be appreciated! I think the part number is 33530-22300.
  2. Washington fellows and friends! We need another one of these (see below). This weekend supposed to be nice. Who's in for a little get together? Input on places, times, photo ops, things to do appreciated.
  3. jnianekeo

    XM motor mount review

    These things Shipped fast and mounted up perfectly. We sat it as far back as we could staying within the slotted allowance. I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed anything but even free revving on these brackets you can see them flex. We didn't think much about it at the time, but over a period of ~6 months/~4k miles we gradually noticed the motor lean to the exhaust side. So, we went ahead and removed them for inspection. Heres what we found: The exuast side was way more bent than the intake side. Our poly mounts ripped apart due to the stressed angle. When we first got these, they stacked right on top of each other-same angle and shape. Its also no secret that these mounts are about 90deg from the engine plane to the surface of the mount. Have yet to contact XM, but these need to be revised. They are doing great things there and always raising the bar. A little disappointed but here is the setup: 1989 X8 2JZ single turbo 480whp Drag, drift, daily Welded diff Poly urethane motor mounts XM zenki brackets
  4. jnianekeo


    Update? I need that shift plate:)
  5. jnianekeo

    FS 90 Cressida

    Beautiful car. Great parts. Good seller.
  6. jnianekeo


    I'll take the shift plate! Pmd
  7. Got a call. Met up with some individuals. Took some pics. X8 style. Enjoy! *Sorry, no time to edit the pics. feel free to grab what you want and do what you want with them.
  8. jnianekeo

    WTB: Lowering springs

    We have a set of Lowering Springs. I was told by the previous owner they were KING Lowering Springs. they are yellow, I can get pics of it on the car. Shoot me a reasonable price.
  9. jnianekeo

    Long Time Comin

    Looking awesome. keep up the good work!
  10. jnianekeo

    aem ems box1050 275$ or jzx100 vvti ecu 125$

    what comes with it?
  11. jnianekeo

    Turbonetics Turbo 60-1 AR .96

    Name: Joshua Nianekeo Location: Seattle Contact: jnianekeo@gmail.com Item Description: Price: 650 Shipped firm to USA For sale is an early Turbonetics 60-1 Turbo P-Trim Exhaust Housing .96 AR T4 with 3" Vband Exhaust Oulet Ceramic Coated Garrett .70 AR Compressor Housing 4" inlet, 2.5" outlet Item was bought a while back only mounted and idled for a few minutes for mock up. 0 MILES. Decided to go with a bigger turbo. Pictures show its pristine condition, No damage or any shaft play.
  12. jnianekeo

    JNCressida Build

    As of right now, I'm running a sc300 fan clutch and fan. Had to trim it a little to clear the upper hose. This is temporary until my fans come. In the past I've run a stock soarer clutch and fan.
  13. jnianekeo

    JNCressida Build

    Currently running a stock fan for now: planning to do dual 12" fans soon.
  14. jnianekeo

    JNCressida Build

    Currently running stock open rear end. Looking for an ma70 diff to put in before I turn up the power. As for the manifold... I didn't have any problems until I opened her up on my way to work. I was probably running about 8-9psi and it felt amazing. I can definitely notice the torque compared to my 1Js in the past. But as I was mobbing away I hear a pop and then a really loud annoying whistle develop. At first I thought it was an intercooler pipe blow off, but then I noticed the whistle got louder everytime I leaned against the manifold. I notied a gap between the manifold and the runner. The plate between is aluminum so eventually they will all warp and leak. I had a horrible vacuum leak and no boost pressure. So I put my Spool gun and new new welder to work. Its my first time welding aluminum so don't hate. Just got her done this morning. Still need to clean her up. Will try to have it back together by this weekend.
  15. jnianekeo

    JNCressida Build

    A little rev 1st drive