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  1. beaulieu

    what engine for a mx83

    Damn Was told theres some haters here...I should of been more direct. I have a stock 89. Its already got a 7m in it. I was wondering what would be easiest out of the 1 jz or 2 jz. Dont need someone to tell me how to do it.JUst what would be easier.And less of a headache. If ur gunna hate on me go ahead...dosent bother me.Just know theres gotta be some cool folks around here. And no Im not a TRoll. Thanks in Advance...MArk
  2. beaulieu

    what engine for a mx83

    I have an stock 89 Cressida. Any info for what engine I should swap into my car? I want to avoid major mods if possible. Im not going to drift or race but I really like this car and want to upgrade.Im a certified Honda M/c mechanic so I have some skills but want to go the easiest route. I hear the 1jz is a drop in but how about the wiring harness? Any help would be appreciated. Might even sell one of my GSXR 1000's and pay a shop to have the work done for me. Thanks in advance....Mark
  3. beaulieu

    89 Cressida parts needed

    That s cool I will just look elsewhere .. just thought Id ask Thanks anyway
  4. beaulieu

    89 Cressida parts needed

    O. K. will do. I just thought people here would want to sell their stock shit they aint using to get some cash for aftermarket parts. No??
  5. beaulieu

    89 Cressida parts needed

    Yea I heard of a Junk Yard.Never heard it called Pick a parts. Dude your pretty harsh. As for gay post which one was that. Im new here and didn't know how things worked.As for using 1 car as a parts car,I dont think Im going to take parts of an excellent condition car to put on another decent car..Would you?? I figured I'd just get some new parts and fix up the one that needs fixed up.Or just sell it.Boy its just so easy to run off at the mouth sitting behind a keyboard!! I know forums can have alot of Idiots on them at times but I aint one so don't treat me like one.Also If I wanted a Honda,I would of joined a Honda forum. Certified Honda m/c tech stands for Motorcycle.The only reason I mentioned that was to show I have a clue.. I was told I'd be given a hard time on here but on the first day?? LOL im really going to take parts off of this..... to put on this.. Don't think so..
  6. beaulieu

    89 Cressida parts needed

    I am in Maryland.I have never heard of pick a parts before? I have 2 MX 83's and if I don't find the parts to fix the one that needs fixed up I might be selling it. Thanks Mark
  7. beaulieu

    89 Cressida parts needed

    I need a right fender,left front hub,fuel door steering wheel,combination controls setup,#2 selinoid for trannie Maybe some other parts if anyone has a 89 Cressida they are parting out. Thanks
  8. I have a EXCELLENT condition 89 Cressida and another thats a little rough. I want to see about an engine swap to get the 1jz or 2 jz. What would be the easiest to put in my car if im doing the work myself? Wiring??? I am a Certified Honda M/C mechanic so I do have a clue.Just replaced the stock head on my ex MX 83.Proball shoud of did the engine swap instead of the Blown gasket job?? Thanks Mark