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    JZX90 1jz for sale

    I had made a post earlier about this and left it to die because I had thought a guy was going to buy the car off me to finish the project. Well the fucker bailed and no one on kijiji or craigslist seems to want to buy the 1jz off me. I was hoping to avoid shipping but Im hoping someone here understands that buying this engine is well worth it. The 1JZ has had most of the maintenance already done to it. I bought all the shit from driftmotion (will provide screen shots of my orders from them) and I`ll include anything that would pertain to the swap like the fuel pump and hoses and all that shit. It has the ecu and ignitors and all that good stuff. Im asking 1000+shipping. I honestly have no idea how much shipping would be, but Ill do my absolute best to make it as cheap as possible.
  2. Gossamer

    JZX90 1jz for sale

    Thisll still likely be around in a month And yes everything that isnt trans related will be included Going buy Kyles quote Id guess shipping will be at most 400 bucks.
  3. Gossamer

    JZX90 1jz for sale

    Buy this fucking thing
  4. Gossamer

    JZX90 1jz for sale

    Thanks for the headsup kyle. Im hoping to be able to ship it through the shipping company my sister works for to save some money. No word back from her yet though.
  5. Lofty - Pics comin tomorrow...Just snapped some quick ones while Im at my parents for easter dinner but cant upload till I get home. I appreciate the kind words as well. Id like to think that when I get life back in order I can hopefully grab a legit jzx90 or something like that...being in Canada and all it makes the most sense to me haha Thug - Nothing aftermarket really. Pretty much anything in the car is swap related. I didnt get a chance to sort through anything today cuz its fuckin mess in there but I doubt youd be interested in most things I have in there as most is just stock type shit. The chassis will also be sold or scrapped though. I want a house more than I need a project car and thats never gonna happen if I dont deal with this shit. Codine - I only have a sun raped stock wheel sorry man. Ill be back. Life can only fuck you around for so long right?
  6. I dont post much on this forum, but Ive been around for awhile. Mainly just lurked and learned. Unfortunately Im pretty much on the verge of bankruptcy so Ive come to the conclusion I cant finish the 1j swap in the x8. Ive spent a rediculous amount of money on the thing over the last year and I know its retarded to not finish it as its 90% done, but the only reason its even that far is because I was stupid and spent money on it rather than paying bills off. Now I NEED (read: lawyers are contacting me...even if its a scare tactic Im sick of it) and this car is the only thing left that I own where I can kinda get my head above water if I sell some things off. Sorry for the back story I just have seen many people just give up on the car and I dont want to be seen as one of those people...I just realized I need to grow up. Now to the point of this post. I have a 92 x8 with a x90 1jz and r154 swapped in and ready to go (just needs to be wired). I spend stupid amounts of money at drift motion buying all the things you should buy when doing the swap like seals, pullys, belts, mounts, ect. Other than the fact the engine is used everything else is new. I also have stuff like mkiii rear diff and all the other little bull shit things you need like piping, intercooler (off a 2010 deisel merc suv) ect. Im at work now so I dont have pictures and stuff till I get home, but Im willing to ship anything as long as Im not gonna loose money on it. I dont remember everyting I bough toff the top of my head, but if its something related to a 1j swap or putting in a r154 I likely have it so ask. If I were to sell the engine and trans as a whole Id like 2500ish. Considering how much it costs to buy a 1j with r154 from an importer Id say thats a fair deal considering all the maintanence has already been done. We all know a general idea how much this stuff is worth and honestly I dont plan on making even 50% of the money I spent on it back so just give me offers on stuff. I just need to make some money quickly and I have nothing left I can pawn. I realize saying all of this doesnt exactly put me in the best position for lowballers, but this place isnt like most so hopefully it doesnt get outta hand. Ill make this more organized when I get home and after I get a few beers in me.
  7. Gossamer

    1990 x8 full car part out

    I need the e-brake cable and I need the part of the speedo cable that goes into the transmission (the elbow piece) let me know
  8. Gossamer

    WTB r154 Bellhousing (jz)

    I can tell you that even if one does come up its not gonna be that much cheaper than buying one new from driftmotion.....so save yourself from wasting time and just buy one from them
  9. Gossamer

    WTB: Ebrake cable

    so ya toyota wants 225 bucks for the damn thing.....im sure as shit not gonna spend that.....so if anybody is in a junkyard and is fucking around with an x8....wanna grab the ebrake cable for me and ill obviously compensate you for the trouble.
  10. Gossamer

    WTB: Ebrake cable

    Snapped my ebrake cable while doing the 1j swap....since the swap is almost finished itd be nice to have a working ebrake if anybody has one for cheap let me know
  11. I dont have anything you need as Im using it all....but how much do you want for the clutch fan?
  12. Gossamer

    WTB 7mge front sump oil pan

    Im sure if you looked you can find them.....and when you do....youll see that your in compliance with like only one.....which is the name.....but the fact your swapping in a 7m makes it so your stay here wont likely be pleasant or long try tc.net that being said....ive got no problem making some money off your short stay here.....give me an offer and ill see if its worth my time to take the parts off and ship them
  13. Gossamer

    WTB 7mge front sump oil pan

    Platinum bitch 1) your on the wrong site if your keeping the 7m 2) read the rules and make a fucking intro
  14. Gossamer

    1990 Toyota Cressida Part out

    I guess he sold the car anyways so it doesnt really matter
  15. Gossamer

    WTB 7mge front sump oil pan

    Nice intro......how much are you willing to spend?.....i have all of that.....for like 500 dollars
  16. Im using my 7m one considering the 1j starter never worked.....Im assuming the 7m is gonna work since it worked when I last started the piece of shit with it.....havent had the 1j up and running yet though im also a 92
  17. Gossamer

    1jz flywheel pressureplate and clutch

    Ya they arent....but you can get arp ones cheap from drifttmotion
  18. Gossamer

    WTB: Ebrake cable

    Thank you...I shall message him now
  19. Gossamer

    WTB: Ebrake cable

    hate bumping shit.....but ive scoured every junk yard in my general area and cant find shit. talked to a few toyota dealerships...some said good luck with that....some said theyd get back to me....have yet to hear anything.
  20. Gossamer

    WTB: Ebrake cable

    ohh ya sorry....x8
  21. Gossamer

    X83 shell feeler...

    I need ebrake cables on the cheap Im sure thatll push you over the edge to go grab this thing
  22. Gossamer

    1990 Toyota Cressida Part out

    I dont need the handle....I just need the entire cable....from the part that connects to the handle to the parts that connect to the brakes
  23. Gossamer

    Wtb: R154 speedo sensor

    My r154 didn't come with it....obviously Shits holding up my swap and needed asap for a decent price Lmk if anyone has one kicking around I dont know if I need the cable as well from an mk3...so if anyone could help on that that would be awesome
  24. Gossamer

    FS:18in Volks GT-Vs

    Where are these?
  25. Gossamer

    Shops / Sellers (Good, bad, ugly...)

    While I dont really care anymore as I did get my money back via paypal....ignoring emails, pms, and calls doesnt really go over well when someone pays you hundreds of dollars....The story your giving is pretty much the same story all scammers have given since the beginning of the internet. Whether shit went down or not....I dont particularly care....I told you then and Im telling you now...Im a fairly understanding guy....All you woulda had to do was own up and all would have been well.....you choose another path....and this is where it ends up. That being said....I dont hold any ill feelings as I did get the money back and you didnt really try and block that.....it woulda been easier to refund it....but meh all that matters is I got it back.