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  1. kaifiji

    JZX81 OEM strut tower brace

    Negative, I had a gray and blue 2 tone doors cards like 15yrs back that was factory, I’ll have to go thru my cardomain pics to find it...but it was the weirdest color combo
  2. kaifiji

    Spare parts

    Talk to Raymond up here,coming down that way for Christmas and can bring it if needed
  3. kaifiji

    Cressida parts...

    did you die?
  4. kaifiji

    Cressida parts...

    Check shipping for me por favor,94545
  5. kaifiji

    Cressida parts...

    how much you want for all that? and wheres the corner lights?
  6. kaifiji

    Cressida parts...

    Pics of front end? I might be interested
  7. kaifiji

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    Pics of said girlfriend?
  8. kaifiji

    WANTED MK2 poopra stuff

    Do an X7 conversion on it,start a trend. Pop up lights are gay, but then again you like gay shit so whatever. If I was ur little brother,I'd whoop ur ass for fucking up my ride
  9. kaifiji

    Kei flow kit

    How much for the wing?
  10. kaifiji

    WTB: Jzx 4 row unmolested harness

    Oh my bad,buying...need asap
  11. WANT TO BUY Just like the title says,not broken connectors,cut wires or any of that bs...price shipped to 94544
  12. kaifiji

    Wtb: X8 blue oem floor mat