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  1. kaifiji

    FEAL Coilovers

    My bad,I’m kinda half retarded...spring rates
  2. kaifiji

    FEAL Coilovers

    Look bitch...suck a dick! but you’re probably right. Jason,how you like them Fortunes? My brother has them on his MK4 and they feel as shitty as my Megan’s. Maybe he went retarded and ordered wrong spring rates or something
  3. kaifiji

    FEAL Coilovers

    Can’t find used Teins,plus new is always more better haha
  4. kaifiji

    FEAL Coilovers

    Anyone tried these on the X8? My Megan’s are 10+ yrs old and I wanna upgrade to something better. No BC’s thanks https://fealsuspensionstore.com/feal-coilovers-88-93-toyota-cressida-mx83/
  5. kaifiji


    Push called,said he will be in town next week,wants to borrow ur car
  6. Did you ever go back?
  7. kaifiji

    1989 cress full partout

    Mother fucker did you die or what? I need some pieces off ur shit
  8. kaifiji

    1989 cress full partout

    I’ll take the front brake setup and steering wheel
  9. Well if you do go,grab it for me as long it’s not drooping
  10. Blue passenger visor still there? Not droopy?
  11. kaifiji

    JZX81 OEM strut tower brace

    I have this 3 point tower bar if someone is interested
  12. kaifiji

    SCG 6 piston bracket kit

    Still available?
  13. kaifiji

    Help me not sell this POS,suspension help needed

    I already have good tires,fuck aero...maybe I’ll take ur advice on suspension. Still waiting on Wes to send in the bushings so I can see if it makes any difference. I have Largus front and rear
  14. kaifiji

    Help me not sell this POS,suspension help needed

    Well I was able to get a hold of Wes, he runs a diesel shop now,has a few MK3 pieces that he still sells,ordered replacement ends,let’s see how if there’s improvement. Have a track day that I just registered for at Thunderhill for June 7th,hopefully it’s in before that,installed and aligned. https://punchoutperformance.com/product/34-poly-rod-end/ Well apart from that, what else can I do to make a 4 door gokart?