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  1. Jason

    WTB MX83 brake proportioning valve

    Still alive. Don't have this. Bend your lines to make something newer fit? This is probably next to shit the bed in my brake system now that I spend a bunch to get fresh lines done.
  2. Jason

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    A dog? Let's see what kind of trimming the IS skirts need already?
  3. Jason

    [HIZOKU] PIG EYE Streeter

    tight thanks
  4. Jason

    [HIZOKU] PIG EYE Streeter

    the November pics didn't upload for me, but the fenders look good. keep it up
  5. rad, way to keep doing cool shit!
  6. LOVE ALL OF THIS Are you importing for fun or did you make a biz out of it?
  7. Jason

    Curse of the Cressida

    it'd probably shrink or peel off with the heat. I'll end up getting them hydro dipped or painted and getting the weld valley cover
  8. Jason

    Curse of the Cressida

    I don't have the patience for that. I assumed it would have been cut vinyl, paint the base, lay out vinyl, paint, lay out vinyl, paint, lay out vinyl paint, etc etc etc for every layer. Hand cut sounds like a gigantic pain in the ass. Good on you.
  9. Jason

    Curse of the Cressida

    where did you get the HKS file? is that just vinyl? kinda wanna do my valve covers like this--but also kinda just want something simple and get the Weld coil cover.
  10. Jason

    WTB MX83 Corner Lights

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'd guess the plastic leg broke. because 30yr old plastics Also Brian is still the man.
  11. Jason

    WTB MX83 Corner Lights

    Left mx83 corner light flew off on the highway today. Does anyone have a single or matched pair for sale?
  12. Jason

    Chitown WaGN....project from hell

    In before Gordo shits all over you with some weird boomery Gordoism like "FlowBastard"
  13. Jason

    Teddy Roosevelt rides a moose

    It rips for sure. I wasn't there for the tune. the fueling is tuner selectable, something like MAP, speed density or something else I really don't remember....the shop that finally got it running again set it up one way (or just built off how Mark/Matt/Panic wire set it for first start). The tuner, who prefers LINK/Haltech, changed something about the fueling to run it how he likes it and it wouldn't start. Like it fired up at the shop, drove halfway across the state to the tuner, parked, fired it up again to get it on the dyno, parked to strap it down, tuner went into the fuel map how he likes to do it, changed one setting and it wouldn't start. They're in central PA and I was in SFO about to get on a 5.5hr flight. I was relieved and ecstatic when I was able to get service and texts emails and dyno graphs started rolling in. One of the big selling points about newer ECUs is they're smarter, process faster, handle more data and thus are able to set failsafes so we're not blowing increasingly expensive engines. If you recall, the PowerFC is essentially a programable fuel and timing chip on an otherwise stock ECU motherboard. I really like the BTI CAN gauge the shop recommended to put on. That's another cool feature of the LINK: CAN compatible allows you to run cool new shit. Even a digital dash if you want. It's a real slick new iteration of the PowerFC Commander. I installed it in the clock delete panel from Auto Extrude. I also have an AEM WBO2 in the glovebox, just cause. Not sure if it's gonna get mounted in the cabin or just hidden in the glovebox. I like the uncluttered stock dashboard. http://www.btigauges.com/link--vipec.html
  14. Jason

    Teddy Roosevelt rides a moose

    I'm pretty sure I didn't go full throttle at all. I'm also not trying to test the weak links in the drivetrain. No need to break anything completely loose before I get to enjoy it for the summer.
  15. Jason

    Teddy Roosevelt rides a moose

    6.5+ years of no updates, I guess it's time for some. If you want the TL;DR scroll to the video. TBH it's been very uneventful for the car. I moved a bunch of times. From the burbs to the city, then to another part of the city, then to another part, then back to the second part, then moved in with my lady, then we bought a house. It's been stored in the burbs, an hour away at my dad's place the whole time. I drove it a little. Tried to get in the seat and put a few miles on it anytime I was out there. I took it to Radwood in maybe 2018 and 2019. One year it wouldn't start the day before I was headed there with it. Fortunately I had spare plugs and coil packs for it. Swapped the plugs and bad coil packs out and it fired right up. The clear coat failed and slowly started to bubble and chip in places about that time. By 2020 it started failing in long lines. Around July, the first round of quarantine was lifted. I was itching to get out of the city and put some miles on it. Drove it around for a little. One of my buddies requested a rip behind the wheel so I threw him the keys. Of course when someone else is behind the wheel, something happens. The car decides to send another rusty brake hardline to the junkyard in the sky. Not a big deal as he was on my street. He apologizes profusely, I assure him that it's not the first time this happened and it's not his fault, and it will be the last time it happens. He says his buddy has a shop that he can do the work at. I say sure no worries let's get it done, tell me when. Fast forward to 2021 and of course that dragged on for a year. Buddy's buddy is busy, etc etc. Meanwhile the whole time pops is chirping in my ear about putting the house for sale in the near future. August rolls around and I tow it to a nearby shop to be sure it's good to go if/when pop's house sells. Pops is there to help the tow guy load it. He puts jumper cables to it, fires it up, turns it around so it's easier to get out of the driveway. I get to the shop and they ask me to move it from where the tow truck dropped it because it won't start. Hook the jumper pack to it and it fires up and moves. Sometime around October they call me up to tell me they were trying to move it and it wouldn't start. I go out, hook the jumper pack to it, it won't start. Pull and scrub the plugs and it fires up, runs on 3 cylinders, then 4 then all 6. Nothing too unusual for it from sitting. I tell them it's a JZ they all have questionable valve stem seals so they need to be started regularly. I pull it into the shop to its home... ...For the next 3 months. Pop's house went on the market and sold immediately in December. The shop sat on it until December. They call me up "hey, your car won't start. can you come start it?" Drive an hour out, got it started again, drove an hour back. They call me again in January, "Hey this thing is gonna need fuel lines too, they're pretty rusty." Cool, just do it. A week or two later "OK its all done. It won't start again." An hour out, it's cold AF, it won't start no matter what I do. An hour back. An hour out, new plugs and 6 new Denso coil packs. An hour back. I mess with the cold start tune in the Power FC. Assuming I boofed the tune, I initialized it, then reloaded a base 2jz map and scaled for my injectors. An hour out, an hour back. I start looking for someone to tune the PFC. No one local wants to touch PFC. "It's the same ECU as old jz's, maybe capacitor issues, Blah blah blah." I find a tuner who tunes PFC but prefers Haltech or Link. I get a Link from Panic-wire with a base map to my specs. An hour out, plug the Link in notice its not priming the 10-15yr old walbro 255. an hour back. I get a 525LPH Walbro. An hour out, drop fuel pump at shop. An hour back. New FP primes but doesn't start the engine. Only thing we can get it to do are audaciously loud backfires. Onto another shop that's specialized in JZ's for 15+ years.. Me: Can you get this through by 5/3? I have a dyno tune appointment I booked on 2/19 for 5/4 thinking this thing was going to be running by now. Him: It's a one man show. I'll do my best but I can't 100% guarantee...On or about 4/18, onto the wrecker it goes again. By the skin of our teeth we got it through. He called me on the morning of 5/3 that it was running on 3 cyls, had some more trouble shooting to do. So the no start was a long list of shit, notably the timing belt was off by 2 teeth--but didn't need a belt tensioner. It had been done when the cams and Fluidampr were put in. So maybe it skipped time, maybe it was installed off 2 teeth....whatever... ITS DONE. TL;DR Added a bunch of stuff. It runs. It's tuned. It RIPS. 444WHP, 375 TQ. If I never updated the parts post back in the day-- 1jz, 264's/valve springs, 800cc, old school T66. It's not face melting, but it IS surprising to be behind the wheel of this for the first time. I definitely couldn't be happier. Honestly, I think 500 to the wheel right now would be a bit more than I'd be comfortable with for the first big power jump. After I get used to this and fix repair or swap out anything in the suspension that seems janky, then we can go looking for more.