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  1. Jason

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    not gonna lie, i follow #mx83 on ig and saw this weeks ago. didn't know it was yours. As soon as I saw yours I saw someone else post their buddy's scroll work on a harley and started following him too. This absolutely fucking rules and I wanna do something like that BAD. Did you find an easy way to R&R the rear handles? They were SUCH a bitch last time around.
  2. Jason

    1989 cress full partout

    How about the shifter surround and cup holder? How's the HVAC blower motor? Do you still have the stock fan shroud? What do you need for the IS300 fan shroud kit? Lets talk about the XM rear arms and Stance coils. Any other cool bits and bobs I need to get?
  3. Jason

    Teddy Roosevelt rides a moose

    This thing is still dope. Blew a brake hard line during this drive. 3 lines are already patched. Just gonna redo the whole brake system. Y’all use anything special for fresh lines front to back, or just get one of these Straight line "bends it yoursef" pre-flared toyota kits with toyota flare fittings on them? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Brake-line-kit-Toyota-1991-1994-1993-1992-1995-1996-replace-corroded-lines/352557399044 IMG_6911.MOV
  4. If that clamshell is good, send it to someone with a scanner and 3D printer. PLZZZZZZZ!
  5. Jason

    [HIZOKU] PIG EYE Streeter

    #blessed Philly has been doing well, but yea. I just got back to work. Fitness is the second to last to go back. In person indoor dining still isn't a thing. I wish we'd have been more strict. Get it done and over with and the spikes in the south wouldn't have been as bad. My oldest friend just lost his grandfather (in his 80's living in Florida, "you're not gonna tell me to not go to church") and his grandmother is sick now too. And his mother is in FLA taking care of her. Wash your hands and wear a mask. Can't wait to see this thing doing burnies.
  6. Jason

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    jesus christ cressidas are so gd smol is that s9 aero?
  7. Jason


    Jerry is in san fran. this is sunset heart hands
  8. Jason

    x3 oyaji wagon

    i need burnout vids
  9. Jason

    Teddy Roosevelt rides a moose

    Where do you nerds have your gauges? I have AEM UEGO and TRU-Boost. I've seen the 3D printed vent/clock/clamshell pods from autoextrude.com --any of ya have these? I was considering making a dashtop pod out of sheet metal then foaming and shaping it in as I recover the cracked dash. On top of the dash looks like it's in my line of sight. Adding it above the glove box in any way imaginable looks too far away and probably make the passenger seat feel smaller.
  10. why not just get the XM arms with poly bushings? $565 seems a lot cheaper than getting and prepping a new car https://xcessivemanufacturing.com/toyota/cressida/mx83/chassis-and-suspension/toyota-mx83-t-mx83-raa-664.html
  11. Jason

    Sleeper MX83 build

  12. Jason

    Sleeper MX83 build

    TFTI My arches were more rust than metal. Miataboi gang it is.
  13. Jason

    Teddy Roosevelt rides a moose

    I have a newer radio (its probably from the late 90's or early 2000's). I don't get EMI from the radio, I get it from the shitty aux cable. And iPhone doesn't have audio jack anymore so everything cabled to aux would be through at least a dongle + aux cable. I don't know that I have the auditory sensitivity to hear the difference between 2 top tier brands. Also, in addition to new brakes lines, I'd like to do fuel lines. 2 things that would be really bad if they failed seem like pretty smart preventative maintenance.
  14. Jason

    Teddy Roosevelt rides a moose

    This year has been...fun. Did a whole lotta nothing with it recently. Drove it a few weeks ago to find out there's a bunch of nagging maintenance needing done. 1) The clear coat on the roof trunk and hood is shitting the bed again. 2) The SSQV seems to be stuck. 3) Had to top off the brake master cylinder. 4) Drivers door handle is broken. 5) Steering wheel leather is toast. Chris sent me a bunch of trim stuff that was broken and missing since I got the paint done years ago. I put a spring clip on the speaker grille so it stays in place now! I've got a bunch of money I -COULD- throw at it, but seeing how I drive it infrequently I'd rather get bang for the buck kinda stuff. Like, if I'm being honest, I'm not gonna give a fuck about control arms unless mine are rusted out or the bushings are rotted and can't hold an alignment. I just want it to look decent, be safe and run hard. I'm more interested in things like: 1) make the AC work, make the heat work better. 2) chase the brake leak, replace all brake lines, 3) find out whats thumping on turns (is it the dif or the axles) 4) raise it a bit so it doesn't rub on everything 5) reclear the roof 6) pretty up under the hood a bit 7) top of the rear window trim is shot after the paint This is where y'all come in. I've got GX81 turn signal housings, is there an interchange plug/wiring harness that goes into it? (Like, 1994 Land Cruiser or something?) What's the 2020 reasonable value coilovers? BC? Who has a pair of 1jz non vvti valve covers? What's the good short throw, stock height shifter? Who is running a clutch fan? What shroud are you using? (I can also do 2 SPAL e-fans and get a custom shroud built) Is there a roof wing that doesn't suck? 2DIN bluetooth head unit that connects seamlessly and doesn't transmit EMF noise?
  15. Jason


    awesome. plz do