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  1. Mo

    5VZ and 1GR extended oil fill necks

    Where's my 3?
  2. Mo

    Brian's failed IS300 project

    X Chassis folyf
  3. I haven't been burned by XM. I'm going to put in another order here shortly.
  4. Reason why you don't want a "15th anniversary" is 25 years from now you've got to explain it. Established in 2003 is is way better. Now unlike all of you idiots, I'll still own my Cressida in 25 years if I make it that long without catching a deadly disease from a $5 lot lizard.
  5. How about "Est. in 2003" "Since 2003"
  6. Mo

    número tres

    Mine is cleaner. He has the preferable cloth.
  7. Mo

    número tres

    About fucking time
  8. You failed to mention this isn't an American Cressida interior. Everything from the bottom of the dash pad down is different.
  9. Mo

    Another 7MGE

    I want to rape his nostrils.
  10. Why must you do this to me, gordo?
  11. Mo

    Wiring uzx83 ac

    I've got 1500 pdfs stored on my computer of wiring diagram sex and i'm in no mood to dig through them at the moment. I will direct you to Lextreme though and you can toy with diagrams over there. http://www.lextreme.com/wiring.htm
  12. Mo

    Best engine options???

  13. Must be rust free. PM me if you have one you want to sell.
  14. Mo

    Mint MX83 Coils & Wheels

    Will somebody just trade him a $200 "comfortable and practical" Cherokee for this already?
  15. Mo


    Just glue your shit together and buy some vinyl to glue over and cover the imperfections. I'm pretty sure you can find a dark red vinyl sheet at walmart with similar grain or order a sheet off Amazon for a few bucks.
  16. Mo


    Both of mine are in awesome shape because California. I do think it's the cheapest plastic part in the whole car and it resonates a bit. I've always wanted to take it apart and reinforce around the screw points with jb weld then coat the inside with that undercoat crap.
  17. Mo

    LS1UZ project

    Fuck you I 'm not stupid, my posts in this thread are helpful. Enjoy my ex's ass you bored ass queers.
  18. Mo

    LS1UZ project

  19. Mo

    LS1UZ project

    I trust 4U2QUIK since half my Cressida's vital guts have been replaced with shit he's machined. He let me use his bead blaster on my old Cressida key so i trust him.
  20. I'd buy them just to replicate them if I knew people would actually buy them