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    Vinyl Graphics, Mopeds, my X8, and Boobs. Fuck I <3 boobs and ass too.
  1. Garcia

    1JZ engine harness and ECU

  2. Garcia

    1JZ engine harness and ECU

    I'm an idiot and bought the wrong harness. Now I need the correct ecu to plug into the harness I got from you. So, to answer your question...no, I still after almost 4 years, haven't gotten this car running. I suck at cars anymore and totally over this shit.
  3. Garcia

    1JZ engine harness and ECU

    Still have these...will trade for JZX90 1j ecu.
  4. Garcia

    1JZ engine harness and ECU

    Here you go!
  5. I have a supra 1JZ engine harness and and a supra 1JZ ECU. $265 shipped.
  6. I need the turn signals...what's your paypal?
  7. Garcia

    JZXProject.com Vinyl

    I own a vinyl business guys. If you need to divert some orders my way, I'd be more than happy to make stuff for you all.
  8. Garcia

    Fuck intel. Hate and 1.5JZ inside.

    1j S30 is one of my dream cars...I'm in FL, I'm gonna find the guy you sold it to and eat his face. Shit, I would trade the Cressida in a heart beat for a 1j S30...SHIIIIT MAAAAN!
  9. Garcia

    Garcia's Build

    It was just too confusing, since it was extended for lhd and missing some plugs and such. I bought one from Avenier on here, should be here within the week.
  10. Garcia

    Garcia's Build

    I've been wanting one of these for awhile, now I finally picked one up off a buddy of mine...I love me some hydro! Can't wait to see how much fun it's gonna be to install it. I hate bleeding brakes =/
  11. Yeah, the XM looks nice. I'll be parking in a shop, so i'll be alright. Thanks for the heads up though.
  12. Cool, I'll keep my eyes peeled for the XM ones...If it's the one I'm thinking of, it looks cleaner than the 9k racing one.
  13. I've been noticing a few X chassis cars rockin some sweet drop in hood vents. Where can I get one and pics of different ones on an X8 would be cool too. k thanks
  14. Yo bro, let's talk about this over some $0.69 soft drinks and a kitkat bar.
  15. Garcia

    Garcia's Build

    Good to be back. I'm busier than ever, but I'm not complaining about it lol. Email me: John@StickemUpGFX.com Finally some kind of UPDATE... I bought some gauges! OG Greddy peak/hold black face with all harnesses, just need to find the sensors somewhere. and I also picked up an Autometer Oil Press gauge... Now I get to make a dash panel to house these fuckers.