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  1. https://austin.craigslist.org/pts/d/austin-jdm-toyota-3sge-beams-swap/6785790667.html


    Also have all roof and both windshield trim. Shipping will be HIGH as they are delicate pieces

    doors with window regulator (no glass) and harness: $250/each +shipping (~200 anywhere US)

    Window regulator and motor by itself: $125/each +shipping (or $375 shipped for all four)

    passenger side Zenki tail light: $150 shipped

    Kouki Chaser jzx81 tails with center near mint $300 +shipping

    Some other random bits here and there. Just ask. 

  2. The KFD stuff is rough. You can tell just in pictures quality difference between them and this guy. 100% I fucked up because I “couldn’t” wait and was offered a savings to go the other route. Follow this guy on IG. There’s some people rocking his parts. He took the time to get it right it seems, the others seemed to just push a product out the door Xcessive-style

  3. Demesio swooped in and jewed you out of them within like 4 fucking minutes of posting them. BUT I *may* have another one. I have the baffle and upper, just gotta find the pick up tube and the lower pan. 


    Seriously, dude hit me up like 4 mins after I posted them

  4. If you can get away without using Xcessive parts, you’ll be better off for sure. I had plans of building my own front arms and using the Russian rears.


    for body parts, y’all need to follow d_apex_works on Instagram. Dude made a whole rear x81 MarkII FRP rear clip as well as fenders, doors, bonnet, the works. I’m fucking sick about the rear as I’ve been waiting two years for him to complete this so I could actually have a nice car again.


    EDIT: actually just hit up the d apex dude and told him to make an account here. I super vouch for this dude, don’t be cunts. 

  5. Here’s some of the pics of the exhaust. Was going to add a little polished stainless pie to the tip to make it slightly longer and turn down slightly, oh well. Also hard wired the Emanage in with some spare male/female connectors and made a PNP harness. One connector was for tapped signals, the other was for intercepted/modified signals that had a spare connector that completed the broken/intercepted circuits so it could return to stock and run. Literally did that all afternoon before wrecking it. Was going to grab the comm cable on the way home from swimming. Also had TechStream up and running. Car was solid, started and ran fucking flawless with no codes other than speed sensor which was about to get clamped. Was so excited to get the wideband on and start logging data with the Emanage to clean up the map. Mid range was super weak but the little 3s was impressive up top! I’d still like to try a bone stock intake/exhaust one to compare as I’ve heard the bits I had REALLY needed a tune to actually make power. 














  6. Tweaked the entire chassis pretty bad. Roof and firewall twisted. Jeep pulled off a side road and froze right in front of me. Luckily my roommate started recording a Snapchat video right as we were coming around the corner. The last week has been a shit show. I’m still pretty sore, my roommate is fucking hurting bad with suspected broken cartilage in her chest. Seatbelt didn’t lock. I have no bruises, just swelling in my neck. Dog was with us, it was a pretty shitty day. I’m thankful we were able to walk away. If I had been getting it we woulda been dead, or at least she woulda been. HOA tripped out about the car being home, so had to have it towed once again. First wrecker popped the oil pan and towed it in fourth like a fucking idiot as well as flattened the section of the exhaust I was most proud of. Speaking of exhaust, I had just welded a 2.5” v band on the TRD header and used an HKS Super Drager resonator and mid muffler that I welded a polished 4” tip on as the can and was in love with the sound.




    No no clue what’s next. This month blows.






  7. You probably already figured this out, but the terminals are the same. Just repin the connectors. Should take a half hour and leave you with a handful of auto wiring left behind. I like to clip, fold the tip over against itself, then slide heat shrink over to eliminate any possibilities of connecting the circuit to anything if I cant or wont properly prune the circuits from the harness.

  8. Gordon, jdm Cars dash down and console are abs plastic and not stamped steel and padding, as well as the bumpers and the j160 that a little bitch like me can toss on my shoulder if I had to. The BEAMS and 1gfe had about a 75lb difference. Overall Im pretty happy and Ive daily driven it per usual with the only issues being chassis related existing stuff because Ive put 100k plus on it driving like I do. Im excited to re-learn malarkey in a low powered car where you gotta drive aggressive as fuck.


    Urrik gets it


  9. GFD this Zack dude is a fag here and IRL.


    Anyhow, I guess this thing has been swapped and dailied for like 8 months or so. Finally had to do some shit, trans to bell bolts backed out. Trans started flopping. While it was out, I took an LHD Cressida subframe and modded it for RHD and moved the rack points forward 20 plus mm. Then stuffed a BEAMS in it. Lines up with the kouki subframe and stock trans mount and stock shifter relocated forward using the supplied holes in the trans to do so. Its wired 93%, just gotta add body plugs when I do it for good.


    List left:

    Buy radiator and fans


    Buy driveshaft (measured already)


    Wire body plugs to harness and ECU plugs to car


    Coolant hoses


    Put stock throttle cable back in


    Make a/c lines


    New hose for oil drain/PCV or whatever it is from head to block


    Make subharness for DLC connector


    Tach adapter


    That being said, minimum to be bought is the three hoses and driveshaft. MAYBE next weekend, then another few weeks and hopefully I can buy the a/c lines, rad, and fans. Has a TRD header, HKS intake, and ORC clutch. After I get the list up there knocked out Ill move on to rear arms and subframe bushings, maybe build a PS and oil cooler, and call that a day.



  10. I have forgot how to internet, suck it


    So this is what it used to look like before and with aero for about a week or so with spray paint





    And current and/or usual status, of course









    Of course Im poor and havent had a job for a month maybe. Pretty sure Brian and Lofty booked me up with a decent manifold thatll be here this week. Start a new job tomorrow that should allow me to get to a decent place. I just need to stop being me and enjoy what I got going for me. I have some great friends, live in a house with my current bff/best wingman a dude could ever ask for, and I didnt wake up dead. Lets see if I can make it another decade Im this world and make it count, and somehow keep an x8.

  11. Oh hey. Need to figure out how to post pics again, but I guess the gx has been a jzedx for 6ish months. Homemade knuckles still holding, snapped both the XM flca ball joints, waiting for the replacements to break, car is a daily with a hood exit, and gets beaten relentlessly. Sometimes it looks cool, sometimes it looks haggard, but it always runs. Got hit in a parking lot, busted out a rear window, ordered a door from Japan, and its still doing the things it needs to do. I wish my life was as consistent as a jzx81.

  12. NEO is just fine, more resolution than the other SAFC/VAFC out there, though an SAFC2 and VAFC2 both work fine and are cheaper. Emanage blue is super meh, and emanage ultimate is kinda a hassle. Search for my emanage thread on here and give that a look, but it does work decent after its sorted and Ive ran 1000cc injectors and had almost 30mpg on a two hour trip with that setup.


    What a lot of you guys arent understanding is that the jzgte ecus other than euro/usdm use the same injector pulse width and that they account for the extra volume by physical injector size. Like the dude said earlier, the MAF in this case will help it idle, but its still gonna freak out under load because it registers that the values dont match what it thinks should happen.



    Demesio, STFU. Just because you were completely fucking retarded at one point doesnt mean other people are as dumb as you were. Nigga you hooked your fuel lines up backwards. Like how in the fuck is that even possible?!

  13. Standalone wont fix the problem, if you have problems. There is ZERO reason it shouldnt run right. The problem is youre running 1j injectors. Throw some 550 top feeds and run an safc and call it a day. The pulse to injector time is the same on 1-2j gte, the difference is physical flow of injector. Put the right injectors in and the thing wont freak out 100%


    battleaxe, the ports on gte 1j are same, vvti lower runners is cheap way to go topfeed without aftermarket fuel rail and fittings, and can also go the other way with 440s. I ran aristo side feeds on my vvti 1j with holset and emanage because I had it laying around.