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  1. Kyle

    1990 MarkII

  2. Kyle

    1990 MarkII

    Soooo, I could probably make a pretty good deal on this thing if someone was serious
  3. ^ basically that. Plz respond OP
  4. Actually, do 1-3 on their own, then do 4-6 merged into one. PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!! EDIT: what's the point of constructive criticism when you've been blatantly told the problems that are blatantly obvious via simple logic, and you still don't get it? I suppose constructive criticism is another concept you don't get. Goddamnt. I've come to like a few Canadians a lot, but god damned if you aren't the stereotypical dipshit backwards fuck that was portrayed when America was a badass when I was a kid in the 80s.bstter stop making your folks look bad. Or not. Being so immensely retarded that you can't see you're retarded must be bliss.
  5. But seriously though... How you think having 1.5 cylinders per runner into the collector is gonna work out? Or are you gonna go brilliant and do 2/2-1/1(x2)? If going this route, be a real G and put 1/6 together.
  6. Oh god the pictures just loaded. Holy fucking shit. What a Fucking moron.
  7. the only reason can be that he doesn't have the proper collector yet and is just working the space he has until he gets the right parts in his hand. If not, the motherfucker is dumber than I could ever imagine. Counting on he latter from what he's brought to the table so far
  8. Kyle

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    OP isn't Kyle, don't call him that shit.
  9. Kyle

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    I have a kouki 81 front bumper
  10. Kyle

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    I'm not gonna speculate on what's gonna break. We all know it's gonna be your heart. You god damned x7 lovers, I just can't make the effort for the abuse I wanna dish out.
  11. Kyle

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    It gets better ngaz. Stay safe op, toltchu
  12. Spook take some measurements of the rotor for us. If it's turbo gx, probably same rotors as Cressida. Or get adapters and use the z32 rotors
  13. Don't get mad because you come in here with engineer swagger and a simplistic brain, then get that fact pointed out.
  14. PS: they don't sit up top either dumb bitch
  15. bitch I made legit drains work for gtx37s on the driver side of an r35 with no hand holding 6 years ago as a noob, you fucking suck.
  16. Oh man, so glad you've posted a pic of shit I've successfully done more times than you've successfully wiped your retarded ass!
  17. Like, Jesus fucking Christ! Everything is always apples to apples with you isn't it?
  18. No you dumb shit, I'm just pointing out that the use of normal aftermarket materials and fittings negates your bullshit logic. Jesus fuck you're stupid. Toyota did it because they used hard line with short pieces of hose as connectors you incompetent piece of shit. Now I'm being negative you fuckin autist. Sorry Jon, your mom was wrong. This dude is the poster child.
  19. Demesio still regurgitating Jose and Beau's info lol. In other news, your 7 degrees of angle on your drain flange is stupid as fuck, but considering you are as well, there's no surprise. You're really good at making simple things complicated, as well as not grasping simplistic ideas. Have you been tested for Autism?
  20. Kyle

    Y0SH's JZX83

    There are no jzx81 with factory 5spd... 12 is basically 10, what's your time worth? Oh, and you're still at stock ride height and blah blah blah... see my point yet? If not, message me when you have 6k and we'll find you a nice car
  21. Kyle

    Y0SH's JZX83

    I thought you'd done this before and realized that a 5 speed 1j swap starting from fresh is a 4K ticket. You're now in 10k territory, with 100 hours of labor added in. I don't see where that adds up. If he'd sell it for $4k, MAYBE, but meh
  22. Kyle

    Y0SH's JZX83

    You're willing to pay alomost 6k for a bonestock base model? Holy shit
  23. Kyle

    Wizard People, Dear Reader

    Welcome to my world