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  1. Kyle

    Curse of the Cressida

    Damn Mo, what up?
  2. Kyle

    Curse of the Cressida

    I've never had a mix and match starter issueans I've owned a couple 92 sc300s that I've thrown starters on from random shit
  3. Kyle

    X pics only!!!!

  4. Hmm, I relate to that too, Gordon
  5. Bitch you were never "willing to entertain the idea of a 6-1 manifold" because you were too busy thinking you had a glimmer of sense. We all seent it. JFC you're a fucking woman!
  6. Kyle

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    And that's how the community feels about you, Matt.
  7. Oh hey! Found my engine bracket. And a list of fittings to buy to make this fucking fuel system make me happy now that I've changed back to a stock hangar. I need to grab the intercooler and bring it to work and dick with it a bit to get it to fit. Between that and the fuel system fittings, things should start rolling again, and someone will have a nice Cressida to drive. Won't be me. Someone buy it.
  8. Kyle

    A testament to self loathing.

    Such jdm
  9. Kyle

    Curse of the Cressida

    Zenki GX
  10. Kyle

    Curse of the Cressida

    Like maybe a zenki car?
  11. Billy's right. No point. Dude is flat out retarded as fuck.
  12. I'm not fucked up about his material choice by any means. Just lack of common sense with replicating, or understanding basic principles.
  13. No, not very similar. Actually 1-3 merge before the collector, as do 4-6. You're only merging two thirds, leaving the others to be restricted only by .250 less volume. I'll wager you're making something less efficient than what you're replacing. Is it going to make a huge difference? Probably not, but the point is, you're not making anything better than OEM after going way outta your way. Why go through so much trouble to make something worse?
  14. Uh, I'm pretty sure most of us voicing shit DO make our own stuff. Additionally, you're right about it being interesting. It's interesting to see someone has made it this far in life without being able to learn from his mistakes.
  15. They won't do any good chris, he's a window licker
  16. Kyle

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    Won't let me upload any. Thinking Korean noodles?
  17. Kyle

    1jz stock twins, rebuilt, y-pipe - $300

    Not gonna lie, I like stock twin combo with that y pipe. I miss the sound and low power reliability
  18. I guess comprehension isn't your thing. Your manifold will flow completely different than that stock log. You probably can't replicate a shit day to day can you?
  19. Kyle

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    Bumper ain't for sale anymore. I'm gonna make that shit box run. Also, shlammed, HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! We pointed out exactly how retarded you are like the first 100 posts. You didn't understand A: the constructive criticism because you couldn't filter out the labeling previous to it, and move forward from it. And B: how when you were told you were fucking up, how to change it because you only see shit completely fucked up
  20. Kyle

    Curse of the Cressida

    Looking forward to it
  21. Kyle

    6.1 Hemi swap into A MX83

    That's why Matt's as dumb as most of the girls I date, he's the same age
  22. Kyle

    1990 MarkII

    Think I'm gonna check myself into a mental institution, so this has to go so I. An take care of some debt before I head out. Make offers? Have a resealed single 1j that can go with.