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  1. All the a/c components are still there too.
  2. By good stuff I mean r154 clearancing, fenderwell harness relocating, proper third pedal and dumping the 7m into the scrap yard. It also has ptfe -6 aeroquip fuel lines and most of the xcessive suspension catalog as well as new coilovers as well as almost every replacement panel and jdm bumpers. Things can be added or subtracted, I just don't have the time or room or money for a third project. Stfu shlammed. Just because you're not competent doesn't mean others aren't.
  3. Who pulls the intake for that?
  4. Also, do you already have an x8? If not, please buy my shell. It's got all the good stuff done and never been driven past stock.
  5. That 18rg is where it's at with the hks kit though
  6. I'd give reasoning, but since we're being mysterious today, I'm gonna refuse.
  7. If you wanna know what v8 we want you to run, the answer is none. None of them.
  8. It's vague because no chassis is listed. Who the fuck picks an engine for something before hey know what it's going in?
  9. When's the car gonna do some talking, faggot?
  10. Your vague posts are getting annoying as fuck
  11. Kyle

    Project Hantavirus

    Killin it
  12. Kyle

    Shit cold starts

    I still have your address, I'm sending ICE to jail all 14 of you niggas
  13. Kyle

    Shit cold starts

    Yeah, but your other half ass shit wasnt๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
  14. Kyle

    Shit cold starts

    Stfu Demesio, you literally hooked your fuel lines up backwards. You're still the parts counter guy
  15. Kyle

    X pics only!!!!

    Favorite shot this week
  16. Kyle

    89 Cressida part out

    you do realize that windshields are under $200 installed usually, and removing an old one, they crack 99% of the time? Jason, I have doors for days. They should all have trim. You'd have to pull it yourself, I'm not breaking it
  17. Kyle

    Wtb: jzx81 steering rack

    Better hit up australians
  18. Kyle

    x3 oyaji wagon

    When we swapping it?
  19. JFC battleaxe, you seent what it took to make him understand 6-1 logic. Think he's really gonna cover anything?
  20. God damn, I need to do something with this shit. I've been busy dating a new chick that wants to take me out every night. I like being spoiled and all, but I got dues to pay and doors to bang, in that order. Can someone please buy this jzx83 so I can move on with life and actually toss a car this year?
  21. I threw it in a dumpster about 6 months ago when I left the ex