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  1. Sounds about right. Although I have the feeling I'll just drive a stock gx forever because of my poor decision making. Gonna go check the soarer for hail damage now. That storm was pretty fucked. Also, HKP and Gordo, I should see y'all at some point tomorrow. Demesio, I got you.
  2. Fuck it, me too. Let's elope.
  3. Looking to scrap the shell this week, that's all that's left Have a couple grills, not sure if any are kouki though Tails, decent set of both with center garnish (both center garnish have cracked tabs) Headlights: decent sets probably times 3 Random interior shit. Some grey, some burgundy Doors, complete with glass Cloth interior is nice but faded Name it just ask
  4. Kyle

    1989 1j Cressida project partout

    Message replied to. Also have a mint hood and driver side fender too
  5. Kyle

    1989 1j Cressida project partout

    Hahaha! Yeah I got a door. $50, has glass.
  6. You already over it? Put it on eBay.
  7. So thread title I guess is still relevant? I threw sawblades on the car up front because chord on the 17s on one side. Thinking maybe a wheel bearing is gone. Not even gonna bother checking anytime soon. It needs brakes and the rotors I got were aftermarket and center bore is fucking way bigger than its supposed to be. Who cares.... So anyhow, went and had a steak at the strip joint with the gf for lunch yesterday Then I went and insured and got a temp tag for the Chaser I'll be pretty excited to see em parked next to each other in the street. Chaser is my first JDM love, but the MarkII kinda grew quick and hard on me lol. Anyhow, been skating auite a bit. My kiddo is progressing fairly decent, I'm getting there slowly. Skated this ditch the other day that I grew up a couple blocks from. This was where you could find me for a good four years of my childhood Was cool as fuck to see this parking block I put here with a homie about 18 years ago. Two boards and almost two miles, but it was a game changer back then. Been killing shoes left and right. This is my life now I suck at this. I'm gonna fuck my old ass up pretty good soon. It's not gonna be pretty
  8. I like how you posted that in your native tongue Spanglish. The whole cluster?
  9. Lol no lock. Scrambling as usual. Sold my welder to buy the chaser because it was collecting dust. I'm honestly not sure what's gonna happen because the x81 chaser was my first love from JDM land, yet I fell hard for the MarkII. And then there's still the jzz20... and I'm poor as fuck. It's a bad combination, so surely something will be for sale soon. I need to do work on the soarer, just gotta scrap the x83 first. It's almost rollable again as a shell. Then it gets loaded on a tow dolly and clawed. Fuck it. 2016 was acceptance, 2017 is letting go/moving on. If I don't die, 2018 should be great! HAHAHhaha
  10. I'm scrapping the one with no hole. None of my jdm cars have holes
  11. Oh, and cleared customs today. Car physically lands next week.
  12. Gordo, I'll bring it through so you can see the horrible clear coat peel and smell the distant smells of Japanese disdain. I coulda really used he tissue holder this week. It's a couple weeks out, but it's on it's way.
  13. Matt, your response may come from misinterpreting a statement I made whilst sick as fuck and high on meds. Cars aren't going anywhere. I figured out my problem with cars and projects andsuch. I overwhelmed myself on this end to avoid facing real life issues. Once you stop running from shit and deal with it, things eventually get better. I can't stop the cars. Just can't. I just don't need 4 different things going on at one time, ALL the time. But yeah, whatever. That being said, here's a picture of something I bought recently that seems like it contradicts shit I just said. But it doesn't! I swear!
  14. I'm not working, I'm on vacation haha. I don't even know how, I didn't earn one. Lucky my gf wants me to enjoy things with her. Feeling slightly better. Currently taking bong rips, watching ATHF, and waiting for 10am so we can start drinking for free at SXSW.
  15. Nothing runs enough to crash haha. Nor will it ever.
  16. Kyle

    1989 1j Cressida project partout

    See first post. Chassis shit left
  17. ^what? Sometimes I ponder whether I even really want a running 'fun' car again. I'm in such a weird place right now. Flu, medicine, caffeine, too much sleep, too much time, not enough time, dreams, weird dreams, no dreams. Also, SXSW is gonna be a long fucking week. I'm playing kept man for a while because the lady wanted me to go do this with her. I'm local and I've never indulged. This is heaven for a single dude who likes free drinks.
  18. Been doing hat seven years now. Shit gets old.
  19. I'm not boarding crash parts for these heaps
  20. Shout out to Robaphent for hooking it up with some stuffs for my boy and I. Owe you plenty of beers dude! Also, x83 is pretty much parted. It's getting scrapped this coming week *hopefully*, then I'll actually have some working space! So many spares for that stupid piece of shit that I put way too much effort into. But I dug the soarer out and will hopefully have it together soon. Just need money of course, eh?
  21. Kyle

    YANKIIZOKU mx32's

    Yeah no. Nope. That's bullshit.
  22. Kyle

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    I had the return line flop onto it one time and burn a hole in it the night of race wars.
  23. Kyle

    YANKIIZOKU mx32's

    Morherfucker you can't do a proper ge swap, what makes you think going gte is gonna rectify your personal lack of everything needed to do this even half ass proper? Half ass is better than what you got going on now. Please refer to t-bones post above.
  24. Kyle

    Tuner4life's 1991 Cressida Drift Build

    Those fenders are Fucking horrible and don't even go with the lines of the car, at all. It was one thing for Andrew to make something outta nothing, but god damn, knocking that off was the worst thing I've seen this year
  25. Kyle

    wonderwoman buys an outfit she doesn't fit into

    You aren't the first you Hawaiian fuck