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  1. So let's recap for today: AMS makes 2k whp on -8 fuel rails on a GTR with no issues with any problems with the fairytale shit you made up for an excuse or bullshit somebody told you that you bought You're going -10 for sub 600 whp to avoid the issues the guy making literally FOUR TIMES your power goals have no issues with on -8 You're also adding a bunch of weight. Saga of a street car? Sure, let's add another fuel tank. That's a great addition for my streetcar. I guess I'll just set my groceries on top of it. You're doing one hell of a job over engineering something without using a lick of logic. I feel like I'm watching a kid raised by his mother exposed to his first fast and furious movie after a summer reading tuner magazine and saving for a Honda.
  2. You are a complete fucking idiot. -10 rail?! What in the actual fuck?! You may have liked my online persona more because you weren't doing this stupid shit. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST
  3. Kyle

    Greddy 1jz manifold

    What kinda dyno was that 550 on Matt? I bet that was all in. I bet raising boost was pointless as it wouldn't sustain anymore. I've seen enough cars on a dyno in different configurations to know a pte5858 doesn't have 600 in it without something being bad
  4. Kyle

    Greddy 1jz manifold

    Jesus Fucking christ
  5. I clicked on something about a street car, and now I'm reading about 12 injectors... you do that in a car that needs to make 2k dude, what in the actual fuck?
  6. Kyle

    Greddy 1jz manifold

    that'd be all in on high boost Matt. That's not how you wanna size things. You're logic is asking for problems. But yeah, a t3 adapter and a small turbo like holset/s2xx and rock the fuck out with 400whp on some 440s and an safc for life
  7. They wouldn't be havin that. I have something else lined up x2, so I'll eventually be alright. I don't know what kinda fucked world I was living in
  8. Just sitting. I literally have ZERO money. 86'd the gf at the worst possible time, but there's shit I just won't deal with. I let my stupid ass let her talk me out of taking a job that interfered with her day-off schedule, and now I got nothing. Good lesson though!
  9. Kyle

    "Half China Bullshit Build"

    That info isn't all right as not all ga70 had an lsd. The 4.56 is correct though. And yeah, Battleaxe... na mk3 Supra is the diff you want.
  10. I've been really missing putting stuff together
  11. I had the part without needing the roller. Because hoarding.
  12. Welp, x83 window motor swapped over and fixed it. Fuck yes!
  13. Yanked the regulator out. Hardtop inner doors (Chaser/MarkII) are quite a bit more involved, yet the regulator is very similar. Still not enough to work. BUT! The motors *look* identical. One of these is up, the other is down, so I should know what's up in a bit. Fingers crossed x81 X83
  14. Been driving he shit outta it. Got back to Austin, saw Kool Keith that night. Shit was AWESOME, motheruckin Bushwick Bill showed up a half hour in and got up and rocked the shit for another 40 mins with him, then another half hour or so of Dr.Octagon. Ungh!!! Next day I scooped the kid, went skating for a bit. He thinks the Chaser looks cooler than the MarkII. Weird. Then dropped him off and lit out for San Antonio. Got there, the driver window wouldn't roll up again. FML. Went ahead and did some travel hashing, met a dude with some swag from Lofty's place of birf Did 170km/h home the next day, took the door apart. Have a regulator from a Cressida in the trunk now, gonna try to switch the motors. Everything seems solid, so guessing that's it. Gonna grab the multimeter shortly. Found out the car has some jams Basic white bitch And found this pic online where some folks blasted a selfie with the 81 Just over 1k kilometers on her here in the states, the window and the door lock solenoid on passenger rear are the only issues it seems. Thing runs like a champ. What to do, what to do... I almost wanna part the MarkII out to nothing and March on with this one, but I won't.
  15. Kyle

    Curse of the Cressida

  16. More white trash. Yesterday's haul, in order.
  17. Kyle

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    That's funny, can't remember but wanna say maybe maximum Motorsport made a watts link for the foxbody way back nobody really embraced, and now I think it's standard on the mustang now hahah. Good work old man! I'll see ya this week sometime.
  18. Turns out my spare light was for the passenger side. I had it in my head as driver because ricebox jdm front usdm car. Kouki ain't the same as zenki, but it's better than broken. What a long fucking day. Cressida rolls again. It's a 4x4. That's weird. And here's a worm or something that got squashed and looks like a dick and balls
  19. Beans/egg/chicken/avocado/fresh pico... I'll make a custom taco next week that you'd suck a dick for, but I won't release my offsets.
  20. It was. Should have that shitbox Monday or Tuesday. Hit someone in the MarkII, all it did was kiss an rx330 and scratch his bumper, broke my passenger corner light. Then the ex told me she still loves me. It's been a crazy week. We all know where I'm going this year.... BACK TO STEP ONE.
  21. Lol not today. I got my personal shit pre-cleared and taken care of, but the entire manifest for the ship hasn't been cleared by CBP in the computer, therefore making them inreleaseable on a case by case basis. So I just made a 3.25hr trip for a good breakfast burrito with maybe the best tortilla I've ever eaten Guess I'll go back Monday or Tuesday. Didn't have this issue with the last few as they were cleared when the boat moored. Just my luck. Whatevs, I'm gonna grab my kiddo from school if I can and go skating. I'm not even fucked up about it.