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  1. Kyle

    my cressida is the Chump

    Adding a turbo isn't apples to apples though. And Demesio intermittently has his head directly in his ass.
  2. Kyle

    my cressida is the Chump

    If you bought a 1j, you'd have extra expenses. If you go turbo, you'll then have those expenses. Economically speaking, you're on he right path
  3. Kyle

    X7 door lock issues

    So you're saying 88 is special? I think you'll find it's you that's "special"...
  4. Worth a shit and providing a product are two different things. How many xcessive parts you got on your car?
  5. Kyle

    wonderwoman buys an outfit she doesn't fit into

    Is this why you're a dumb bitch? ZING
  6. Kyle

    my cressida is the Chump

    NA 2j can take you places. Nice.
  7. Kyle

    X pics only!!!!

  8. No effort, no thanks
  9. Kyle

    X7 door lock issues

    Funny, the Lexus they don't do that. But I've never owned a Toyota newer than 92 that wasn't a Lexus. But yeah, either way..:
  10. Kyle

    X7 door lock issues

    Wrong. You're just stupid.
  11. Kyle

    i only had $40 to do my jz swap

    Bump because this dude's still on that bullshit
  12. Kyle

    X7 door lock issues

    I'm pretty sure this is standard op on every fucking Toyota up to 93.
  13. Kyle

    "Half China Bullshit Build"

    It looks like -8, maybe they just have bulky hose. -6 is basically 3/8, so you're only really gaining on the return which is 5/16
  14. Kyle

    "Half China Bullshit Build"

    That confirms the .01% you were missing from being 100% retarded... China ALWAYS has a sale.
  15. Kyle

    X7 door lock issues

  16. Kyle

    "Half China Bullshit Build"

    Then why do -8? That's retarded
  17. Kyle

    YANKIIZOKU mx32's

    Only thing clear here is you're not one of the herd, little doggy
  18. Kyle

    "Half China Bullshit Build"

    ^ jesus did you have to quote all the pics?! Also, I ran braided lines no problem with corn fuel in my x8... but they were PTFE aeroquip lines. How you know he didn't?
  19. Kyle

    X72 powered BEAMS

    This! I understand the need for this build. But I do think you're dumb.
  20. Kyle

    Greddy 1jz manifold

    And that's why you're dumb. Why use 35psi to make the same thing you could on 20 on another turbo? Don't say spool asshole, 'cause that's the wrong answer. You know what happens to air when you compress it, right?
  21. You ever heard of the quick disconnect an fittings?
  22. Chaser is a little lower. Maybe I'll get matching wheels on it this week. Also took the boy out skating the city and just for general hangs. Started at Metro skatepark, then House Park skatepark, hit up grafitti park since he'd never been (it was just a place to take hoes and smoke blunts and fuck around when I was in high school), then ended up just parking downtown and skating some parking garages and the city. Showed the kiddo the nightlife as it just begins, summer we'll do late nights. Love my kid. Skating now and driving later. Hope I get to live long enough to have a hit and run partner come high school time Spot the Chaser
  23. ^ not really. This is what happens when you dream and then execute with putting any actual thought to reality or logic. At least he dreams, I guess.
  24. Yeah, it's awkward for me now. I'll go travel hashing if I ever travel. Not a bad time