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    Quest for a poor mans 2jz

    Standalone wont fix the problem, if you have problems. There is ZERO reason it shouldnt run right. The problem is youre running 1j injectors. Throw some 550 top feeds and run an safc and call it a day. The pulse to injector time is the same on 1-2j gte, the difference is physical flow of injector. Put the right injectors in and the thing wont freak out 100% battleaxe, the ports on gte 1j are same, vvti lower runners is cheap way to go topfeed without aftermarket fuel rail and fittings, and can also go the other way with 440s. I ran aristo side feeds on my vvti 1j with holset and emanage because I had it laying around.
  2. I'm pretty unhappy with that xcessive clutch pedal. You read the instructions yet? Shit is a joke.
  3. I like how you're mad. What exactly is it you're mad about though? Last time I built something was like two years ago, and it ran really well actually for what it was. The downside was the aristo ecu limiting me at 6800 instead of 7200 which is what the 1j needed, but considering the only thing I spent money on was the turbo, can't complain about something I put together out of spares and then traded for two running cars. There's also the Supra, and the 2rz pickup inbuilt in the same time frame. Both ran like a champ. BEAMS swap in a MarkII would be exactly what I wanted. Cheap and reliable. Did I say it would be fast? Definitely not. I said it'd be fun and balanced. If I wanted fast I'd slap together a 1j. It's simple. My whole point was, you're spending way more than it actually takes to meet your goals. And yes Jordan, running around on a base tune can kill bearings. Ignition events can put strain on the bottom end if not spot on. Nobody in the fuckin world has killed two 1uz, and I'm pretty sure the only reason any regular person kills one is because they run it out of oil. So chances of two going without oil leaks is pretty fucking slim. Let's talk about why you need a standalone for stock turbo power 1j vvti? What has that gotten you that the stock ecu doesn't? Where's the benefit in spending $2k to do the same thing as a 100 ecu does?
  4. None of my comments here are directed at you dusty as I know you're not the one orchestrating any of this. It just drive me nuts that this is like the one place that logic escapes your brother. spending three times the amount to make the same power with the same reliability. Didn't know that about the throttle body not bolting on. That's what I get for assuming as the 1j one seemed to bolt right up. But here, this comment is directed at you. If you drive the wheels off this thing on a base tune like your brother does, you're tucking retarded.
  5. If you bought an upper plenum just to block off the ISCV you're retarded
  6. Lol hack job of rolled Fenders. That's called driving hard over bu Ps and not giving a fuck
  7. Kyle

    Wtb: 1uz rear sump oil pan/pickup

    The junkyard has one
  8. Kyle

    Wizard People, Dear Reader

    Car would look fine with a new fender and paint. I have the fender. Make the a/c work, paint, done. Stop being a fag
  9. Kyle

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    Not saying I could do better, but god damn that line sucked. I guess he was just following that bimmer
  10. Kyle

    Turbo kid.

    HE341 I made 17psi by 3300 on vvti, non vvti at about 3700, based on logs. But it'd choke on the 3.0 with such a small exhaust housing. Wanna say those are like a 56mm, but around .63a/r housing. If you're not trying to go big power, don't worry I guess. Shit, an hx35 would probably be fine if you're not trying to run more than 20psi ever.
  11. Kyle

    Turbo kid.

    I didn't snap to 1.5j.. I'm retarded. Still think the 63 would be a bit much, I'd look at this http://m.ebay.com/itm/Borg-Warner-S360-60MM-T4-Open-88-A-R-Turbo-177280-Ready-To-Ship-/322205821889?hash=item4b04f6abc1%3Ag%3Ad1EAAOSwZVlXl2qL&_trkparms=pageci%253Ac21836b7-396b-11e7-9bfa-74dbd1802937%257Cparentrq%253A0c20525215c0ab644cf05d88fffe2e56%257Ciid%253A2 I'll be running the 63 on 10:1 and e85 soon, but probably not as soon as you're trying to do this
  12. Kyle

    Turbo kid.

    You're an idiot again Matt. Weld a t3 to stock manifold? Been there, done that. Return line would need a scavenge setup or hardline for most setups. Also, kinugawa sucks. 363 will suck bad. Look at that 257. Cx isn't horrible, just have the flanges decked.
  13. Shit, if he's gay, I'll give you the ones Gordon sold me twenty million years ago. And the rotors, just make hibcentrics to fit that big Ass hole. Been thinking about doing those 350z track rotors with mine up front on the MarkII for a bit
  14. Kyle

    Wizard People, Dear Reader

    I wonder if studs would be better for RCA's?
  15. Demesio: HAHAHAHA Battleaxe: which model? I had an s363 on a 1j and it sucked compared to my holset, but was also good for like 700. Guessing you have an s360? He won't go s3 though because super low power goals
  16. Kyle

    i only had $40 to do my jz swap

    I like how he doesn't recognize that the 5m ecu is also spark management too
  17. He's breaking a record alright
  18. Lighting a Jesus candle for this event, as well as another for a meeting of the tandem bike and garbage truck, so I don't have to see this garbage anymore. And don't say don't click on it faggot. Everybody is curious to see how much more autistic you can be. Most people progress, your progression is only in the area of becoming more retarded as time goes by.
  19. Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality
  20. Kyle

    WTB: Random little X8 bits

    Yep, totally understand that. Looks like I may have tossed em though. Been throwing shit away lately.
  21. Kyle

    WTB: Random little X8 bits

    May have the mirror control, but not sure if kouki
  22. Kyle

    1jz harness plugs

    Use a multi meter and figure it out. Car won't work if you can't figure out how to make those circuits co-exist in the new chassis.
  23. Kyle

    WTB: X83 FLCA

    The xcessive front are pretty decent. Wanna say they offer a better quality here as an option. You won't wear em out any time soon. I think only one of the inner's on mine are about to go, and these got a good couple years of daily on em. Or buy a cheap oem replacement set and extend/box on your own. the front arms are the only product I've actually been happy with other than the tension rod inserts.
  24. Kyle

    my cressida is the Chump

    Like, extra cost associated as far as fmic stuff is universal. Incurring the initial additional cost of the gte isn't though. And then there's the fact that the cost offset that throws you over the cost mark for the 1j also makes 70 more wheel hp in most cases, and your 1j will require $1500 more to get there. Again, just not apples to apples. End goal should play a role in this, but most people going this route don't usually have the foresight to get this far.