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  1. Kyle

    bradlee's X8...

    what'd it run? You have th 430's in when you ran it auto?
  2. Kyle

    Wizard People, Dear Reader

    I'm really feelin those wheels! What are they?
  3. Kyle

    jzx100 MAF

    Can someone please post a pic of a jzx100 maf plug, my swap came with this plug missing. Also, there are 2 wires coming out with the igniter, Brown and Black/White... These go to that noise filter thing on the igniter bracket right? A picture of that would help as well.
  4. 80's celica pedals, like the mk2 celica/supra? That's what I'm runnin... If that 90 celica gts master bolts up and clears the wipers Im all about it. I've been running around with a spare wiper assembly in the backseat to stick out the window when I need it, but that shit sucks balls when it 's like 40 degrees out and you gotta drive across town.
  5. Kyle

    i need tranny help

    If you look at the r154 next to the a340 you should be able to figure out where it needs to be bashed easy like. Then give it a beating where it needs it, take a look at it then beat it some more for good measure and it's done. Also, don't just limit yourself to the jzxp search button, google that shit, read some things, get less people making fun of you. It's as simple as beating in the tunnel. Just make it easier on yourself and use the hammer and google, it takes like ten minutes a piece.