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  1. mervins

    swapping 1jzgte in to mx83

    hey Mo make sure to fill the crack with crazy glue. then i would use tape it up! Two thumbs up!
  2. mervins

    swapping 1jzgte in to mx83

    I used the mounts of my old 22re pickup similar to the ones on the 4runner, as for the driveshaft i took it to a exhaust shop and had them weld from each u joint a piece of thickest piping he had. I should of ask befor doing it cause my has a slight vibration, should of put sand in their to act as my counterweight. Oh yeah this is weird but i used the clutch out of a dodge ram too, the one thats used in the cummings powered trucks.
  3. Paint remover, nor will that aircraft remover work, just pay some one to torch them for you, or do it yourself.
  4. Im with you Gordon Im taking my old Marmax ( i think it is) gokart and all my Ren & Stimpy Collection. Load it all in to the fj55 and start plowing down Zombies. =)
  5. mervins

    Aero Type II?

    I not a aero guy but if it comes out looking like that celsior im going to have to reconsider.
  6. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/cto/2824775903.html 24 Hrs. of Lemons Race Car (Goleta, CA)
  7. mervins

    WTB: 7mgte resistor box

    Resistor $25 shipped.
  8. mervins

    WTB 1jz, 2jz,1uz

    2uz vvti wiring harness and ecu 2500. In south gate. i want it my self but cant afford it, the tundra has less 30,000 miles.
  9. I need driver side fender, headlight, corner light, and hood! Im mad broke so any body with extra decent parts LMK! Of course thier will be beer for your troubles, and not alot of cash. 562-469-8707 mervins
  10. mervins

    X8 megans with 300zx brakes & AE86 coilovers

    i dont feel like removing the front . As for the rear i have a whiteline installed . Hey a bit of topic but how much is dafts 1uz to r154 adapter? And will i work on a tundra 2uz?
  11. mervins

    X8 megans with 300zx brakes & AE86 coilovers

    The rear only guy! its all your mo, lmk when you are in the la area stop by murk me off! lol!
  12. mervins

    X8 megans with 300zx brakes & AE86 coilovers

    the swaybar is still available! some of these fucking noobsters need to buy this shit!!!! BUMP!!
  13. mervins

    I'm doing it 1jz/MX83 FS

    Kyle 1100 for 1j and a 5spd and all the dohickeys to get her runnin? Damn thats a steal i would drive down and have you install too!