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  1. Thanks lofty... official new brake thread here. haha <3 PMed you Demesio thanks for the CAD.
  2. Who has the CAD for the ls400 brake adapter? OR does someone already make it?
  3. white_raven

    Different Kind of Battle Wagon

    Hahaha sorry Jacob, i'll work on my aggressive banter. I really like that idea of having an area for some non jzx projects.
  4. white_raven

    Different Kind of Battle Wagon

    Yea I know its not an x chassis or has a jz involved and to be honest I wasnt sure if it this build would be a good fit here but it has been a while since i've been around and it seems there are only a handful of active thread. I do like seeing some of the other cool build that are non jz / x on here and I feel like the ugly wagon fits the some what with the ugly cress theme. If everyone agrees that this shouldnt really be on here i'll abandon the thread keep it to the tercel FB groups haha.
  5. white_raven

    Different Kind of Battle Wagon

    To each his own man, dont get so worked up over where I waste my money. Hey Rue what are you throwing your 3s into? Got the trans out and compared. 4wd vs t50 Spline counts are the same and it looks like the tercel driveshift will land the t50 in the right spot.
  6. white_raven

    i just wanna look good for you

    this is a gangster truck! Very nice! When do we get to see burn out vids?
  7. white_raven

    Different Kind of Battle Wagon

    Wait where can I find the teenagers who even know what a 4age is? I definitely want to look cool in front of them and Lord knows I need the help in this wagon. haha Also please send links for said FB page. I will post the pics there too.
  8. white_raven

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    Was he making a ton of power? or was it a fair stock motor? I dont remember his last build.
  9. white_raven

    Different Kind of Battle Wagon

    haha yea gordo I am pretty sure it is the ugliest wagon made its part of the appeal to me. I have terrible taste is cars, what else is new. 4age are slow who cares. Got a parts car for this project. (its the coupe) and more parts showed up! found out the block has issues and doesnt fit my needs. On the hunt for a replacement. Crank Key Destroyed "Custom" Hard Pipe is sealed with rtv (block also has the wrong water pump on it) Tear down process started.
  10. white_raven

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    so Joe used 8.8 irs diff with stock rear end? hmm that is an interesting setup.
  11. white_raven

    Different Kind of Battle Wagon

    Hey guys been a while since I have had a build thread on here. Last project that was somewhat cool. 5 speed GS Ended up trading it for a IS300 and 4age swapped tercel. Only pics of tercel I have before I owned it. https://rustybuttrusty.com/2015/05/27/4age-makes-it-better-1986-toyota-tercel-wagon/ IS is just a daily for now with coils, bushing upgrades, and lsd. Tercel after I got it. haha just being funny. I couldnt deal with the FWD setup so I found this 4wd version for $200 with a running motor down in oregon. The plan is to do a rwd conversion on it. All the project cars together. FWD tercel, Alltrac Camry (saving for latear), and 4wd Tercel. 4age is out of fwd Swapped front suspension and wheels over. Sourced manual rack and learned that ae86 bushings work. Got a 20v itb setup for it. Slowly coming together. More to come!
  12. white_raven

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    if you have to change the floor pan out anyways why not just a do a live axle rear end like in the wagons? abundance of rear ends they are cheap and come 5 lug. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/pts/d/disk-brake-rear-end-88-ford/6325377774.html
  13. white_raven

    1990 MarkII

    Kyle! what is going on? Are you ok?
  14. white_raven

    WTB: R154 or w58 Shifter

    Looking for a shifter this style (mine sits too far back) And I need this part to have a length of 25-28mm Let me know what you got. I do have one to trade that I am using now but it wont work long term for my setup.
  15. white_raven

    Unfinished 1JZ X7 Dead Whores Status

    is the DM rebuild operable to what you got done on your turbo? http://www.driftmotion.com/VVTi-1JZ-CT15-Biillet-Turbo-Upgrade-Rebuild-p/dm2339.htm or do you think it's work spending the extra and going with http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tomei-Arms-M8280-Turbo-Kit-1JZ-GTE-VVTi-JZX100-JZX110-JZZ30-JDM-Kouki-/121326613422?hash=item1c3fa133ae:g:4AYAAOSw7FRWXKnp&vxp=mtr