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    steve's canada cressida

    havent done much to it for a bit since its my daily for now. started collecting parts so i figured ide do a build thread... here she is as of now 1992 Toyota Cressida. grey leather interior, all options Engine & Drivetrain -2JZGTE (automatic) from a 1994 Toyota Aristo -Front Mount Intercooler -3" Turbo Back Exhaust with Apexi N1 Muffler <- lame muffler -JZX81 LSD -Hybrid LS400/MX83 Driveshaft -Mine's ECU -Custom Speed Sensor -MSD Tach Adaptor Braking -SS Brake Lines -Front & Rear 300ZX Brakes Interior -Digital Gauge Cluster -330mm Steering Wheel with Toyota Horn Button Suspension -Eibach Springs Wheels '03 350Z Track Package Wheels -18x8 +30 -18x8.5 +32 -5mm Spacers ^junkyard '89 nissan maxima stillen side skirts... $12, 90 camry lip... $5 ^weeee. and one for the road oh ya.. total cost of build including car is $3000 cad
  2. Before i say anything let it be stated that i have done extensive searching.. both here and other sites.. Even followed a link to club lexus... waste of my life!! those guys are gayer than justin bieber! so lets begin.. i am now doing a 5mt swap on my kouki x83. Obviously i want a GETRAG 6 speed. but short of stealing a supra or buying a grossly overpriced complete swap i am almost out of options there (tho considered stealing a supra.. haha) I searched high and low and i guess within about 100miles of me is zero R154 trannys... or i buy a 1j swap... no thanks Currently I have a 2j single turbo and going to do some hard driving/ alot of drifting. right now i have a shot at a mkiv NA w58 w/ extended shifter that i have to change... heres where the debate begins.. I am considering the w series (there gonna throw in a 1j flywheel and a OS giken supersingle) Since I have never used a w58 and most people have been saying they are GARBAGE.. My issue is.. do i let my car sit unfinished till i can get a r154? or is this piglet w58 gonna last me a season/ until i source better... is it worth the money to run it for now? thanks to the "W-series Tech" thread i see what options of shifter/chassis i can get parts from and i decent idea of what people think of w series on certain engines. ABS. Thanks to the "ABS DELETE" thread there has been alot of talk about ABS delete options aswell. People say you need new master and prop valve, new prop valve and stock master, stock prop valve and new master.... heres my thinking.. the vac booster and master were designed for pedal throw and overall initial pressure for the chassis.. it is the proportioned through the abs module/pump/ and prop valve. so. considering everyones different opinions and different car/engine/brake/driving style/ and purpose i have decided to try something new **considering my setup/driving** im thinking of using the stock vac booster and master cyl. i have Z32 brakes all around with ss lines. im going to try running the lines right from the master to a prop valve from another car that is ABS free and designed as "performance" brake system... aka from either a Z32 or an FD3S..they should have the same fittings but a much more performance minded proportioning... *side note* i will be running a hydro e-brake also let the opinions/ debate begin..
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    how to remove and fit solid diff bushes

    ^ true enough however.. its said in almost every thread... SEARCH BAR... just sayin
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    steve's canada cressida

    I told you crazy changes were coming... my designated driver thought it would make a better hatchback i guess... sorry for the crappy pic quality.. cell phone camera A couple buddies bought me a new shell the next day and the work began.. new car had a destroyed dash and harness was torn out.. so i took a few pieces from the parts car done swapping noticed it was banged up a bit in the front and ghetto straightened.. and the parts car is totally straight in the front so......... i cut it out.. and transfered it from the straight car. then deciced to drift it this year so i figured bead welding towers and stitching the whole bay was in order after that we slightly tubbed the wells to fit bigger wheels with more angle and welded up a bunch of holes, removed battery tray and covered a bunch of weld for a cleaner look painted teal with a cool clearcoat. new wheels ordered, 5mt swapp, suspension ordered, hydro e-brake in works now, bride seat installed, baller shift knob arrived, paint coming soon, aero possible aswell is that enough for me to have said "stay tuned for crazy changes".... ya i think so
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    steve's canada cressida

    Long time no update! ive been super busy between work, some drifting my 86, leg surgery, and building/fixing everyones cars but mine. not a ton of updates here. since i posted last i won the best sleeper award at the drivin car show here in calgary. this summer. redid the exhaust- now a 3" to dual 2.5" with boso style tips single turbo swap external wastegate new wheels- now gone new intercooler/charge pipe im not gonna talk about "plans" or "things ide like to buy" so i will just say ive got some "stuff' coming/happening this winter. hers some pics from the summer where i had a bit of time to fully enjoy my babe. ya im not a fan of white wheels, but it beats seeing on jack stads for a month. please ignore gross engine bay and uber ghetto air filter thing.. stay tuned for crazy changes built this as well this year... ya i know its a SUPER gay nissan but hes a good buddy and he wanted it (at least its jz powered)
  6. congrats alex... and as your chief mechanic i am excited for 2011.. haha
  7. super-hachi

    brass freeze plugs vs steel?

    use steel plugs.. there like that facory for a reason. brass and cast iron expand at different rates. brass works in aluminum cause they both expand fast.
  8. did you get it figured out yet?
  9. hey man just got your pm sorry. all the lights on the cluster that arent the digi stuff should power themselves. the digi portion needs an ignition source. im guessing your tach, speedo, temp and fuel dont light up but what about the PRND2L? i dont thin it should unless the rest of it worked . if you check the diagram for the car the digi cluster came out of. note the pin position of the ign source as it should have to be moved or possibly added into your factory conector and if you want you trip meter to work make sure a B+ wire goes to that or it resets everytime the car is shut off hope this helps. ill try to find my wiring stuff and remember what i did exactly. and if you got the msd tach adapter dont hardwire it just yet... mine took some finess to make it work.. the instructions have 4 or 5 ways of putting it in and the one that seems most likely was wrong haha. (2jz)
  10. super-hachi

    Clutch master (update for people that hate to drill)

    i cant remember but i believe some newer fords use the brake resevoir to feed the clutch... ?? anyone confirm that i know theres a manufacturer that does it...
  11. super-hachi

    Clutch master (update for people that hate to drill)

    someone be baller enough to do something like this!!!!