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  1. Rag

    WTB x8 coilovers

  2. Who ever gives me money first gets the kit, i'll edit this thread immediately after i get the first payment of 160. Shipped anywhere in continental US come on ya fucks i need to get high FUCKING SOLD
  3. I need my fix. If someone paypals me $160 right fucking now i'll ship this shit. 24 hours only. Hurry the fuck up.
  4. Will trade for a 360 or ps3 that isnt a pile of glitchy shit
  5. Of course i will, 250 plus shipping. I'll even throw in rear camber plates, strut tubes, sway bar links, AND bolt adapters!!!
  6. I did some research. They're never used rip garage mounts, for a jz into s2 x8.
  7. Rag

    WTB strut knuckle for coilover x8

    try not to forget and shit