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  1. robc

    Carbonetic clutch $600.. Aero hood pins.. Momo wheel..

    U want an off and I made one. Get over your self. If u want a certin price and u say make a offer expect low ballers. If u want a g note u want a g note. I'd really like to know what u want and not play fucking games
  2. vws are for poo pirates that go brappppp, pop collars and come up with new ways for using bro to greet someone
  3. robc

    '79 jzx32 SHAKOTAN ZOMBIE

    what happened to those retarded ronals? i wanted to see them on this thing
  4. white raven is totally correct. they have a my shit dont stink additude, like vw owners.
  5. robc

    550s whats up?

    poop injectors. hmmmmm
  6. robc

    550s whats up?

    want. if this is still around by monday ill end up grabbing them
  7. robc

    Chris's Random Ass stuff sale

    payment sent. please ship the mani to 1606 east smith road bellingham washington 98266
  8. robc

    Chris's Random Ass stuff sale

    payment method?
  9. robc

    Chris's Random Ass stuff sale

    would u ship the mani to 98266? prease
  10. robc

    jzx 100 value

    the thing is sts, anyone can import a car. just do research and find something u want and go threw the proper channels. its just money and time
  11. thats a good thing with douche nozzles like this asshole cluttering this place up.
  12. robc


    i want that shirt too. how do we make this happen?
  13. robc

    delete this

    good now u can fuck off and never come back
  14. robc

    brendans 400rwhp skid bus

    if u have jic magics they are 12k 7k unless someone put ae86 springs in there.