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  1. Travis

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    Oh damn, are you parting it out? I'll buy the bumpers including the mangled front bumper
  2. How much for the subframe bushings?
  3. Travis

    1989-1992 chaser Front Bumper

    Gordon how much do you want for that bumper skin?
  4. Like the title says, I know one of you guys has a spare one laying around
  5. Travis


    Trade you a PTE67mm ? Non billet wheel
  6. Travis

    FS: X7 5spd swap complete'ish, Greenville SC 29607

    Im in for the pedal
  7. Travis

    X7 shit. Free + shipping from 29607

    front fenders & shit? greyhound shipping if that works?
  8. Travis

    Fs: 1j stuff

  9. Meh, toyota's display sucked this year. Lloyd took best cressida, irik took 2nd, richard got 3rd also. I laughed when the announcet asked the crowd where the name cressida was derived from.
  10. Travis

    Bringing back the dead 1jz mx83

    hey, so if youre going to get chaser fenders. sell me these or atleast just cut the front of them off & I will buy them
  11. " JZXPROJECT - FUCK YOU " Tshirts?
  12. Travis

    Fluidampnr JZ Crank Pulley f/s BNIB

    texted Jerry. Sorry Austin. <3
  13. Travis

    Bringing back the dead 1jz mx83

    Wow. Brian's going to be a little happy I suppose
  14. Part Number 840801. Never installed, still in the box unwrapped. Unlike the ATI, the fluidampnr pulley is the same size as stock so It doesnt speed up your accessories. http://www.fluidampr.com/product/840801/ $350 + Shipping.