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    ABS Delete

    How do you get rid of it? I want to run 18x9.5 +35 with a 225/40R18. I read G's post about angle and how you'll hit the unit if you have to big of wheels/tires. Also, my steering rack is leaking out of the tie rod ends a lot. I don't want to drive the car right now because of it. Has anyone ever rebuilt their rack and how hard is it to do? Do you need specific tools to do this? Are kouki racks the same as zenki? I have another parts/shitty car that's a 91', but the car I'm driving right now is a 90' MX83.
  2. You should search for pics of Toyota Venza's in their rootbeer color. I've seen one at a dealer in town and it looked pretty cool. Also, get Bryan to build you some better ic pipes for your car this year. His tig welding is amazing. Those pipes on the car now are damn long. How bad is the lag on that bitch?
  3. Piggity

    OEM X8 Body Parts?

    Anyone know where to get aftermarket replacement front fenders for the x8? Preferrably in Canada? I'm not paying $300 each from the dealership.
  4. Piggity

    The new x83 track car

    Rad build. I can't wait till you do the front. Are going to be building rear widebody fiberglass shit like the formula d guys use in the front? So if you small the wall you just put on a new cap that covers the quarters, bumper, etc...?
  5. I bought the Stage 2 a couple months ago, along with their solid pinion spacer. I haven't installed it yet. I did also buy all 3 seals so it doesn't leak out anymore. I'm hoping the mkiii lsd is the same as the Canadian x8 lsd. Anyone know? I have a mechanic that's going to check it out for me and see. I'm tired of my welded diff. I don't daily drive the car, but it's still annoying to drive on the street with.
  6. Nice fucking angle Jack! That entry where you spun on the Penticton track had some insane lock on the front wheels. Are you going to Round 1 in Calgary or the Drift Union event on the 11th in BC?
  7. Boring as fuck. Spinouts are not entertaining at all.
  8. Piggity

    Alex's Build

    Nice work Alex. Is Paul doing all the welding and shit?
  9. Piggity

    My Couch Pulls Out, I Don't: The Resurrection

    Is that a SPEC flywheel? And would you know the weight of it?
  10. Piggity

    Baller Daily 161 build

    PM me how much you want.
  11. Piggity

    Baller Daily 161 build

    Nice work Jimmy. Now give me monies or 2jze's.
  12. Congats on the season and the win Dougie Drift. Keep it real son.
  13. Piggity

    Teddy Roosevelt rides a moose

    Power lineman?
  14. I saw you last week on McKnight in your 2G. And I think it was you in the red mk4 supra going onto deerfoot. I keep seeing you everywhere man. I wish I had your sick rides.
  15. Piggity

    JZX90 Cresta - Drift build

    Whose action shots were those? Can't be Spencer's...
  16. Piggity

    JZX90 Cresta - CheeseCake

    Awesome video man. I love how everyone's running for cover on the first one when you get near the tire wall. You nailed that one fucking good.
  17. Piggity

    JZX81 Mark II front bumper

    Where in Minnesota are you?
  18. Piggity

    goats jzx

    I'm jealous Goat. Your car is making some nice smoke. At least I got the welded diff and it locks, like all the time now.
  19. Piggity

    extended wheel studs?

    Don't know if this helps anyone with slip on spacers: http://www.hunt4steve.com/05TacoExtLn.html Here's some crazy long Chevy studs, but you need to run 7/16 lugnuts (on the first page): http://www.customtacos.com/forum/showthread.php?t=104851
  20. Nice runs at Indy Shawn! That shit is off the hook.
  21. Piggity

    x7 or x8

    We live in Alberta dude, not Cali. We don't have a good selection of cressida's in good condition. When something like that black x8 shows up, buy buy buy, or keep your rusty x84life son.
  22. Piggity

    x7 or x8

    Stop putting up pics of your ugly ass mom dude. Click on the link for black x8 goodness.
  23. Piggity

    New rimzzzz

    Nice new wheels. I like the color better than the silver of the last ones. Nice scenery too!
  24. Piggity

    R154 garabge no 3rd or 4th

    Wow that was fast! I need service like that.
  25. Can't you fix that with the bottom threaded portion of your coilovers? It affects the droop when you jack up the car, but will give your inside wheel more downward travel.