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  1. mcfizzle

    Xcessive 1UZ-FE to R154 adapter

    Goddamnit. Almost making me want to drop out of school and go work for the man so I can buy it.
  2. mcfizzle

    4 doors, more whores

    You don't live chubby asian bitches like adam west does... Goddamn that shit is nasty. haha
  3. mcfizzle

    Two tone only for jzx81's?

    Two tone X8's:
  4. mcfizzle

    MX83 Drifting

    So is drifting officially the same as skating ten years ago now? Idiots bragging about sponsorships?
  5. mcfizzle

    American style tuning:

    I think that turbo would be more appropriately used as a murder weapon, but that's just me.
  6. mcfizzle

    Andrew's JZX81 MARK II

    Alcoholic passive aggressive?
  7. mcfizzle

    Partying, partying, YEAH

  8. ^ do that, and... holy fuck! an aussie car with fitment that doesn't suck ass! what's this world coming to?!
  9. Google translate nigga
  10. I've been paying more or less zero attention to car shit for about a year now, so...
  11. For those that don't know, Naruse was basically the godfather of Toyota race and sports. He had a large imprint on the design of virtually every great car and motor Toyota has put out over the last forty or so years, from the LFA, MR2, Celica, Supra all the way back to the 2000GT and the 7. He was also considered one of the greatest Nurburgring drivers in history, he earned the nickname Meister. I was paroozing YouTube and saw that he had passed away last year near Nurburg. He was driving an LFA and got into a head-on collision with a BMW. Late news I know, but I remember reading about the guy and had no idea. It's the one year anniversary of his passing, so I figured this would be appropriate. If any one person could embody a company, Naruse-san embodied Toyota. RIP. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMp7vCESP1g http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZVPabxm8CI
  12. удивительный, da da da
  13. mcfizzle

    Andrew's JZX81 MARK II

  14. Who the fuck steals a kitted Cressida anyway? It's like stealing high end art. What are you supposed to do with it when you have it?