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  1. Guys, you're way better off emailing him direct from the website at Gerard@serialnine.com



    He is super backed up right trying to fill over 20+ orders and keeping a day job, please be patient, he has not checked this site in weeks. As far as I know, right now he's not really taking any orders. But do email him if you have any questions regarding purchasing or questions about the products.






    i should have check this thread before ordering some parts but i already place an order thru serialnine website. i have try to email Gerard many times. its been over two weeks already and no response yet. is there any other way we can get in contact with him?

  2. WOW I really like this!!! I had mb battles on my ,mx83 when i had s14 gay lowering springs on.. it didnt look as good as yours!! It looked like you had to do some major ballpeen on the front fenders though!! ;p


    Btw what sized tires did you run on the mb's?




    Pic of gay ride height and gay licence placement on mine.



    thanks kenji. your car looks good too. beside, both my front fender are all jack up hahah yours looks clean compared to my cressida. haha right now, im running 225/45 all around.

  3. i checked out that car twice. the first time was in norwalk, it had bhg. 6months later it was being sold by another guy in rosemead, it was overheating.


    are the seats still mismatched

    i got rid of the stock seats but the seats are different from each other. hahah




    Looks great, (1bar is alittle more then 14psi) if you went with 440s why did you have to change the rail? shit is dope none the less more vids maybe a dyno sheet. I needs a set of mb what sizing did you get cant tell if those are 17 or 18

    well stock injector on the vvti are 370 and i believe they are top feed, and i went with 440 which came off a 2jz which was side feed. i will get some video soon but im still kind of a newb to drifting haha so when i get a little better i will get some footage. as soon as i get the dyno i will be sure to post it up. im on 17x 9.5 +15 all around

  4. hi guys, sorry i havent posted up any updates about my cressida for a long time. when i first bought it i had cut springs and put some cheap wheels on it. this was how it looked before.





    after driving the car for a while.....the head gasket finally went out and i bought a 1jzvvti. my orginal plan was to just run that motor completely stock.







    getting the motor in didnt take that long. im still new b when it comes to motor swap so i had a hard time wiring up the motor. i couldnt find that much information on the 1jzvvti. i should have research more before buying the motor but i didnt haha. so after i ended up taking it to Kaizen motorsport. i mess up the wiring pretty bad haha so i went with an aem standalone ecu. i figured since i was running a standalone i might as well upgrade the turbo. i went with the driftmotion upgrade internals for the stock turbo, hks boost actuator, 440 injector which meant i had to change the fuel rail, walboro fuel pump. when i finally got to drive the car after waiting for a year it felt awesome. i love how 1jzvvti feels. i have never been in any turbo car before so i felt like the car running stock and not tune was fast as hell. hahaha i kind of felt like this




    sorry guys i know this is a hyundai sonata commerical but thats pretty much how i felt driving the cressida with the 1jz vvti

    well this is how the car looks like now. i got rid of the cut springs and replace it with megan coilovers







    i took the cressida to a drift event. the motor held up and was strong. however i had an issue with the intercooler coupler popping off. i kept tightening it up but it still pop off for some reason. couldnt figure it out and at the end of the day my clutch started to slip. my dumb ass never open up the transmission to see how bad the clutch was. so i ended up doing double the work. here is pic of the cresssida at adams friday night light in august.



    here is a video i found on youtube, one of my friends was driving my car at the time.


    well after that i replace the stock clutch with action clutch.





    when i was taking the transmission apart, i realize my car didnt have a pilot bearing.


    here is a picture of the stock clutch and how worn out it was






    i later found out when putting in the transmission my engine mounts were both broken. which explain why my intercool piping kept popping off.





    now the car runs fine and no intercooler piping popping off. i just order some serialnine diff bushing. hopefully it wont take too long to get ship. my diff bushing are pretty much out. hopefully when i have some more money and time, i can get the car dyno and tune.

  5. i need a fcd or a bcc or whatever they call it. i could possibly wait to get the PFC but it sucks hitting boost cut everytime i slide.


    Probably sometime this week. til then, adams track will wait. Im also trying to wait til my friend (willb87 on here) finishes up his 1J vvti cressida.


    But damn, thanks guys. you people are too nice.




    haha ay ken, its not my fault man <_< .....the shop is lagging on the parts. but for sure 2nd week of march we are going to adams track! haha dang PFC already?

  6. Yeah it'll work you just need to change the plug. Hope it helps :)


    ok cool thanks



    where do you get the right plug from, is that easy to get... maybe the place that is going to splice my harness could set me up with the right plug.


    i get a lot of my jdm parts from japanparts.com they can probably get a 1jz vvti tps sensor. i needz a MAF too... i saw a jzx100 MAF for sale on ebay.



    for the maf, i believe u can use it from 1uz from 95 -98 that has vvti.

    here is the link to that topic



  7. awesome.. i have a 1jzvvti also, my engine isnt in yet:(... my tps sensor arrived to me savagely destroyed and i need one too. we clearly have the same question. will the 1jz gte tps sensor fit on a 1jzgte vvt-i


    thats cool man. same here on the tps. i had to ask a friend to bring me a tps from japan. i guess this one messed up too.


    Maybe Brian would know............



    brian would u know?












    Just go to a Toyota parts counter and see if the part number works and is the same as something on a USDM car.


    yeah i guess if i will probably do that if no one knows.


    Yeah i guess worst case scenario, i will do that.


    Just figured you guys would know first.


    i guess our goal to get the car running this weekend is not going to happen haha

  8. i currently have stock 1jz vvti. it turns on fine and idles ok but when i apply throttle from the manifold it seems to choke. i believe it might be tps that is mess up. i was wondering if the tps from a non vvti would work on a vvti? i know driftmotion is selling a tps. i know the part number are both different. the one i have is 89452-24020 . the one from drift motion is 89452-22080. any info on this would be great. thanks