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  1. off the top of my head I want to say 275/35 or 295/35
  2. positive, a friend of mine also has a bn widebody kit on his x100 chaser and he has to do the exact same thing.
  3. here's an example, he runs 20kg rears
  4. just a heads up, if you plan on cutting out the rear quarter panel to fit some lower offset/wider wheels, you'll find out there's a ton of bracing behind there. i know because I have flares riveted onto my chaser and found out that I couldn't cut as much as I wanted to. totally regret it now because it didn't work out the way it should have gone in my head. if I had to do it over again, I'd just flare out the rear with the stock metal. all the guys that have widebody kits or arched flares over here in japan run stupid high spring rates.
  5. anyone messed around or researched these before? The more I look into it, the more I want to start building one up. suspension and drivetrain interchangable with altezzas would mean there's a lot of aftermarket for it. here's some pics there was one guy at spring drift matsuri with one and ever since then it's been on my mind.
  6. Trav

    Verossa Build

    what are your plans for this car? drift? just a cool street car? are you planning on getting rid of the e-throttle?
  7. Trav

    jzx 100 value

    for real, a zenki n/a you can find for $500- $1k easy over here if it's auto. even tourer v's you can find for 4-5ish if you do some digging. what you're really paying for is the fact that it's legal, which is a big thing. for those wondering, JCI = japanese compulsatory insurance. it's mandated by the government and stays with the car even if it's sold. usually a good selling point. I figured a lot of the people on here wouldn't know
  8. a military friend of mine just bought a 1985 **jdmtytefanboicorolla** for this same reason. he talked with his transportation office and told me that as long as you can prove the year and have valid paperwork then it's just like registering any other car. Oreofreak probably has some more info on this as well because he's planning on bringing back his jzx81 when the time comes.
  9. Trav

    JZX90 Cresta - CheeseCake

    I'd go the safe route and find a new clutch before any serious driving. my used TRD disk looked a lot like that and after about a month it died on me needing a tow home from fuji speedway. when the lines are almost gone/gone, your clutch is done.
  10. also the jzz30 stick works. I'm pretty sure that the soarers came with that shifter extention on the koukis, but the bend is enough not to bang against the shifter suround in 1st/3rd/5th. my friend with a mark II did his manual swap with the soarer tranny and everything cleared after he grinded the transmission tunnel. my stick was cut and welded, but not pulled back quite enough so I have a few good dents in that suround peice and my shift boot is pretty tore up.
  11. just curious if you're swapping over the shifter extention from your old jzx90 r154 or keeping the ma70/soarer one on there. if you're using the supra r154 you'll have to grind a bit away from that hole when you put it in. I'm sure you know this already though. I'm actually using the jza70 trans in my x90 because of the shift feel, I like it a bit better than the x90's and it seems to work fine and not hit much of the interior panel
  12. has any of the x90 folks experienced this? when the car over boosts the ecu will cut fuel to the engine and it'll bog down until you let off the gas. it's happened to every single one of my friends with an x90 or x100 when they get around to about 1.0 bar of boost. my question is that when I bought my car, it was completely stock and I've slowly been changing it up as money comes in. when I changed up the stock exhaust to a fence pipe, I was reading 1.0-1.1 bar on my boost gauge yet the fuel cut never happened. last week I finally got around to putting a downpipe in, took it out for a good shakedown and the fuel cut still didn't happened. according to all the jzx guys over here, it's either a broken sensor or a tuned/aftermarket ecu. I havn't gone in a pulled it out to see but I'm just wondering why I'm not hitting this fuel cut. I guess it's a good thing, but in the back of my head I'm worried that if one thing is broken then it'll lead to other things down the road and soon. thoughts are appreciated
  13. Trav


    I have an excedy hyper in my chaser and it's been great so far. I got it used but the disks still looked to have some meat on them. have only had it about 1000 kms or so but it's super grabby and hasn't slipped on me at all. I replaced a trd disk/pressure plate with this and I can't say enough good things about it. only downside it is kindof sucks for the stop and go traffic we have over here.
  14. Trav

    vvti 1j cressida build

    what do you plan on doing with this car?