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  1. leon.borden*

    Drift event photos. Everyone waste money!

    So, I spent all day doing this: [media=] [/media] and had a little too much fun doing this: [media=] [/media] and ended up with this:
  2. leon.borden*

    Aero Type II?

    Any word on x7 aero yet? Id REALLLY like this stuff by next season :x
  3. leon.borden*

    Alex's Build

    Congratulations! Qualified #23!!! And tbh, that second run shouldve been scored even higher than it was. You KILLED IT!
  4. leon.borden*

    X7 fitment: pics, tips, advice and all that

    Because my car is so slow, and it takes 90psi worth of tire pressure to keep 225s spinning That said, I just mounted some 245/40/17s JUST THIS MORNING on there because I got a crackhead deal on some.
  5. leon.borden*

    Spool Differential In A Drift Spec Chassis

    Just go welded. Anybody complaining about understeer with a spool or a welded in a drift car needs to learn to commit to their entries. Use that 900 bucks youd spend on a 2 way on event entry fees, and weld that shit UP!
  6. I wish I wouldve started with an X7 wagon instead... Theyre sooo much more tolerable... jelly...
  7. leon.borden*

    X7 fitment: pics, tips, advice and all that

    17x10 +25 (30mm spacer) with a 225/45/17 (rear)
  8. leon.borden*

    WTB: X7 Differential

    I don't mind paying the shipping. DIfferential #2 is about to go, so Id like one in good shape to build up right.
  9. leon.borden*

    American style tuning:

    You're not just deleting a web site though, you're deleting a community. Shit has gotten waaay too serious. Yeah, bashing fucking newbies is one thing, but also knowing your roots and giving credit where its due is another. I disagree with ALOT of things Ive seen people do on this forum aside from Mark, as would alot of you disagree with things I would do if I were admin. Thats part of it. But making shit personal, holding grudges, and seperating friendships because of it is another thing. Theres a time to ream a new kids ass with a telephone poll, and theres a time to act like adults.
  10. leon.borden*

    American style tuning:

    And just for it its worth... that Mark fucker went out in the middle of winter and pulled a rear trailing arm from an X7, and shipped it all the way here to me at no extra costs. He's a great guy, with a fuck ton of knowledge.
  11. leon.borden*

    LSx vs 2JZ

    Inline 6s are for trucks.
  12. leon.borden*

    Suspension - X73 spring size NSFW

    Yeah, I actually vouched for you for some reason, seeing as you had one of the few JZ-swapped X7s around and you actually drift it. Turns out you're just another tool who tries too hard to not "give a fuck" and be a hardass. Delete account, paint your car, create a new user name and try again.
  13. leon.borden*

    Wheels - honestly...

    Fuck buying 19, and even 18", tires. 18s with aero, 17s stock body.
  14. leon.borden*

    Team Running Again Mostly version x.7

    Shouldnt you lower it, and THEN get an alignment? lol.