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  1. rayray

    ToyotaFest 2015

    ^ it took me a second to realize if you were joking about the race track... then i remembered the LBGP. but it is technically just south and across the bay of the streets on which the long beach grand prix is set up on. it's literally next to the permanently parked queen mary and russian scorpion submarine attractions. i missed again this year. it's more a gathering of regulars save for a few exceptions like any new concepts/vintage/racecars toyota brings and some unique builds and rare cars imported from japan. it's worth a look if you are really into toyotas. there is some sort of screening process but you really don't know what to expect until the cars actually show up every year. there are some really nice cars, then you get some cars that look pretty hacked and pieced together last minute... small gallery up on autoweek http://autoweek.com/article/car-life/toyotafest-2015-mega-photo-gallery there'll probably a post up on speedhunters or something with better shots of the cars.
  2. what year is the front subframe. i'm looking for a late 91-92 subframe
  3. i deserve that honestly lol, but i didn't call myself the master procrastinator for nothing! project backburner fo life but i've had two cars sitting on the to-do list, i've decided to let one go so i can focus back on the cressida. might be done this decade at this rate.
  4. rayray

    needed 7m front sump pump

    i'd be more worried it'll blow the headgasket on his drill
  5. rayray

    New Look / Same Poor Taste

    just popped in from being absent a little while and saw this. cool stuff man. i don't do white stuff and sure as hell don't touch the brown stuff. and you have both lol yet your car looks 5x better than some builds i've seen that started with a mint x8 (i'm guilty of this) good luck man
  6. rayray

    Transformer A-pillar trim

    this will further improve my chances of selling my X8 for $20k as i had originally predicted. ps, if anyone is looking for doo-doo interior, please consult brian or mo as i am currently sitting on a brown interior dashboard, nearly complete doors (fronts only). and some other random bits. no seats.
  7. rayray

    giving up, giving in

    like mark, we also have misc fr-s parts, door panels, headlights/taillights etc. whatever else that usually doesn't go on a race car. shoot me a pm if you needs.
  8. rayray

    The JZX compatability thread

    http://www.japan-parts.eu/ american/japan/europe diagrams. have fun. give me money
  9. hey guys, we have a set of Motegi MR221 Traklites sitting at the shop collecting dust (literally). They have only been mounted and rolled on, but never ran on. we are open to serious offers for these wheels Details: Wheels are 17x8 (4.5-BS or 0-offset) and 18x10 (5.5-BS or 0-offset), i would say wheels are 9.5 out of 10 (minor mounting scuffs), no curbing and perfectly round Mounted with new Falken RT615-K's in 255/40/17 and 295/40/18 - Zero driven miles Location: Orange County, California, US, Pick up preferred, local delivery possible, or shipping at buyer's discretion Payment: Personal check (needs to clear first), cash, bank check/money order Wheels are sold.
  10. rayray


    my mother always told me "if you don't have anything nice to say, go post it on JZXP" holy hell there's a lot of backlash here. i'm not dismissing anyone who had trouble with getting Serialnine parts or getting a hold of gerard during serialnine's initial run of x8 stuff.... and, there's a lot of serialnine prototype photos and stuffs in here and such.... but it's still technically a build thread people. may be if gerard changed the thread title to "G's SERIALNINE X8" it would confuse less people... i dunno. there is a Serialnine section in the shops section of the forum, however it's been moved to dead weight since it was quiet for a while. may be one of the mods can resurrect it and people can talk all about serialnine there that are off-topic to his build.
  11. rayray

    F.S. Long weighted shift knob

    looks like an industrial grade dildo
  12. rayray

    lx80 to jzx81 has it been done ?

    i see you've been a member since 2010, in which there has been probably 1 or 2 of these swaps completed. searching "LX80" does wonderful things in the jzxp search bar.
  13. rayray

    This will not help anyone

    http://jzxproject.com/bbs/index.php?showtopic=8556&hl=clutch but don't know if we even get these transmission in the states, or how abundant they are. still pretty cool though. options are always nice.
  14. rayray

    WTB: OEM Driverside Brown door panel - X83

    another chocolate rain edition, where are these brown interior cressidas coming from?