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  1. the fronts are 215/45-17 and the rears are 235/45-17 the camber is caused by the adjustment of the suspension arms in the rear so i could clear the wheel well.
  2. you're such a fag peter. just get an Isuzu NPR.
  3. hey i'll let you know on monday hydra.
  4. you can hear it if you have the speakers up loud enough. and i agree, it was 100000x more exciting in the car!
  5. thats why i like venus-auto. $1200 for a CA18DET, $1000 for a RB20DET motorset, or $1500 for the clip. My 1JZ full Chaser clip withh 5-speed and panels was $1600.
  6. if i wreck my car, i am getting a JZX81 withh no motor and moving my shit over.
  7. quick little vid http://azparttrader.com/videos/cactuslake.avi
  8. if you can get me tickerts i'll let you drive my car around the laps if your engine takes a crap. 8)
  9. irwindale i think. speaking of d1/jgtc what group are you going to be withh hydra? i heard you need to be a 30 car group/club to do the fun laps.
  10. damn it that shit is nice. 2j-6speed, clean body. the front bumper doesn't match the grill though. :oops:
  11. brian


    man it doesn't drive like a cressida anymore. you need to find your shell and get those teins on it. you'll LOVE how it drives.
  12. i got pissed, he got pissed, i did some things he did some things and bam i'm banned. its been lifted though, came to my senses.
  13. those diagrams are confusing when it comes to the speedo. i have the later model eletric speedo and they don't talk about it in these. also the check engine light is confusing as well, it makes no sense how it is routed in the harness.
  14. i have had great success withh venus auto. i got a few clips from them for friends and myself. www.venus-auto.com vikie thier secretery is cute too. 8)
  15. of coarse. everyone is. not to many conversations at this time, but i hope it will change. when did you do a UZA61??
  16. holly crap! i am saving everyone of them. thanks for the link. where are you from btw?
  17. i don't like chuck's site much anymore. no fucking respect. to many people there that want to keep thier car stock. i really hope to start this forum into a real cressida performance site.
  18. yeah, there isn't SHIT for traffic though. maybe i should start post more here. ok i will. expect some new pics here soon.