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  1. bFreed

    project fresshida

    Hell yea, this thing is fresh!!! It was real comfy all the way to ECB in Jersey 3 hours away! What happened to that Cressida/Voltron logo grill?
  2. bFreed

    project fresshida

    Photoshoot and feature by High Grade High Grade: Ol' Skool, Cool?
  3. bFreed

    project fresshida

    Damn!!! That thing is FRESH!!!
  4. bFreed

    Ameen's cressida

    Looks good man. That thing is Hellaflush!!! lol But really, they got your ass.
  5. Cool project man! +1 for using a roof rack even though the cool crowd says it's not cool. It may look kinda dumb, but I have to admit it would be nice to have one.
  6. bFreed


    Ok cool. I just picked up an IS300 and will need to do this in the near future. Thanks for the help, car looks great man.
  7. bFreed


    Doesn't the IS have a seam that makes it hard to roll? I've heard of people destroying their fenders trying to roll them. Did you have any problems like this?
  8. bFreed


    Looks good man. Did you shave those fenders or roll them?
  9. bFreed

    project fresshida

    Cool stuff bro. Can't wait to see some proper fitment on this thing. We should paint our cars at the same time so we can split materials.