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  1. mr2thomas

    Apexi Power FC for JZX90/JZZ30 1JZ

    This thing is on ebay right now. Apparently its worth at least $1295 to people right now.
  2. I am selling my ultra rare discontinued Power FC for non VVTI 1JZ. Good luck finding one of these elsewhere. Costed me an arm and a leg. These are plug and play and are super reliable and make good power. I was able to buy a brand new one a while back and am now selling it because I'm not going to have my 1JZ much longer. It may or may not come with box. Not sure if I still have it. Price is $1200 shipped in the US and I will pay the PayPal fees. Located in Southern California.
  3. mr2thomas

    X8: Running 18x10J up front - clearance issues?

    I used 9's until i got some VSKF's. With my 9.5 i can still get same angle with no rub on a 235. Car has gets good angle too. Pretty much need 17's in front with less than 9.5.
  4. mr2thomas

    Way too much fun to stop.

    ever considered running less rear camber? Would probably help with rear traction issues.
  5. mr2thomas

    X pics only!!!!

  6. mr2thomas

    FS: JZX90 Engine mounts

    i sold these. I do however have jzx81 mounts available.
  7. mr2thomas

    what happened to my order?!

    yea i made a huge order from them like 2 years back. Took close to a year for me to get my coils. Still havent recieved my engine mounts that i ordered. I have store credit from them. I dont know if G remembers...
  8. mr2thomas

    Partying, partying, YEAH

    what tire size are you running?
  9. mr2thomas

    FS: Xcessive Manufacturing jz kouki mounts

    are these gusseted or no?
  10. i bought my dimple die from a vendor on pirate4x4.com. best pricing i could find. Buy them in bundles for ultimate pricing. i got my hydraulic tube bender off of a vendor there too for an awesome price.
  11. i NEED to know how much you got the cluster for so i can proceed to cry like a little bitch.
  12. mr2thomas


    agreed with jack. Camber isnt what kills the tires really. Especially if you use the camber with hard cornering. fucked up toe kills your tires. Fucked up toe + camber kills even harder.
  13. mr2thomas

    hx35 1jz turbo setup

    looks like a china hx35 knock off, not a holset hx35.