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    Rocket Office

    Im JC This is my car I bought it off of Big fuckin shooters brother about a fort night ago. This car was sold with tein coilovers, mark ii front bumper and mark ii front seats. I didn't manage to get the skirts as money is tight right now with christmas and all. I want to get something a little bit less round looking on the sides in the near future anyways. I havn't got around to doing really anything with the car as of late, because this city is a freaking deep freeze. I did manage to sand some of that rust and temporarily spray it down with some paint to make it look half assed decent. Ill do proper body work when it warms up. I don't own those rims on the car, im just rocking stock rims with winter tires for the moment. I have a lot of big plans for this car. I love it so much that im sure I want to sell my r32 gtst to fund a jzx bosozoku drift car. The first thing im going to do is rip off the stock muffler, (MAN IS THAT THING QUIET!), then im gonna run dual pipes pointing strait up about 1.5 feet maybe with a magnaflow, (any suggestions on what would sound good with a 7mge), . I figured that the licence plate notch on the front of mark ii bumper could be put to good use. Since front plates aren't required here im going to mount a sick oil cooler there and run the oil lines right up through the bottom corner of the grill. Mad Huntin'. Im aware that an oil cooler on a 7m is kind of pointless especially this time of year, but this will be my summer car at some point and I will have a jz engine at some point, but for the mean time it will be an inexpensive style point, and ill have it all ready to go for when I do lay the bills down. Im not currently rocking the bumper right now because I gotta have it painted white and I would rather not have it on in winter. This city has bumper genocide problems this time of year. I want to get my windows tinted out in smoked red to compliment my red/ burgundy interior. Fyi i probably will go the 1j route over 2j, then ill have more money to slut the engine bay out and buy more shiny things for the car. I'll post my car under the sick rides thread when I get some money and when I get some warmth.
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    Rocket Office

    Going to JZ land. Purchased the 1j pictured above for 9 hundo. Now I have a dude, who just swapped a 2j-gte into his ls300 and is selling me the 2jz-ge with w58 and with an aristo auto tranny all for 800 lol. So obviously im going to construct a 1.5jz and use the w58 until it craps out. Just wondering a few things. Since im going to have a 2j head and 1j block sitting around, will they work together??? I heard about somone doing this, but information is limited. Also, to make the 1.5jz , im obviously going to need the metal 2jz-gte head gasket, studs, is there anything else i SHOULD be getting for it? The bottom end ran strong in its previous bay. Is it better to use the 1j pistons, or keep the naturally aspirated 2j pistons. What is the difference in the oil jetting and supply lines? Are there any modifications that need to be made to make this functional. Information on this is scarce and I know only a few people on this forum have done this, and are in the process of doing this . I just want to get as much reliable information on the subject as I can, so I dont have to learn it the hard way.
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    Cres GX81 Philippines

    Pioneer status! Just wondering, where is the breather cap on your diff?
  4. You know this from experience?
  5. Bōsōzoku_Bro

    steve's canada cressida

    Heyo, diggin' the ride, matte black looks awesome on that. Are you gonna go manual trans at any point? What are your side skirts off of? Its good to see bros in cities close. I'm from Saskabush, Saskatchabush.
  6. Wow, thanks bros, this info has been very helpful. I honestly don't think I would have gotten that top starter bolt off unless I did like you said, take off the alternator, and run like 4 extensions with a U-joint adapter along the side of the block under the intake manifold. I guess I could have pulled the engine, but thats not until next month when I up greyed to 1j.
  7. Well, if you all insist, Ill use the r154 starter. Now, if i could just get the top starter bolt off without killing everyone in the neighborhood while they sleep, due to frustration from lack of a 10 jointed arm and wrench swinging space.
  8. S0 r154 starter will work on my stock cressida junk?? Thanks for the fast reply.
  9. Close enough to use???? My starter took a crap on me, have access to a 1jzgte , r154 starter for cheap. Will this work? Also, being on the subject of transmissions, will the a340 work with a 1jzgte? Or no because of bell housing issues? I will eventually be switching to a r154, but want to use the stock cressida tansmission if i can for now.
  10. The exact same thing happened to me about 3 weeks after I bought my x8. Let me guess, you soak it in as much penetrating oil as you want and it still doesn't work? I was mongering about the junkyard and I coincidentally found a fresh lock with the key still in it, lucky me. I'm assuming yours has the same problem mine did, the cylinder jams. You might as well grab an extra latch and cylinder from the scrap yard, try installing the latch first, then I guess your last bet would be to give the lock to a lock smith and have him make you a key for it, should be around 50-60 bucks im guessing.
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    mk3 front driveshaft.

    Question: I also bought a mk3 7mgte supra LSD. I was working on my exhaust, and I started measuring mount differences between diffs, while I was at it. Nothing seemed to add up, it didn't even look like it would fit. I'm assuming the guts are transplant-able between diffs, but do both pumpkins bolt up? Also, doesn't the cressida come equipped with a LSD? Why is the mk3 diff superior. My Cressida diff housing said LSD OIL on the back of it, but last winter, i threw my back end into a snowbank, one wheel just sat there and did nothing while the other wheel spun right out. That doesn't sound like limited slip to me.
  12. Bōsōzoku_Bro

    WTB JZX81 Engine mounts/brackets

    I need some of these. I need them without the tc.net link. I'm starting my swap asap and just need these or else I will actually have to order them from Toyota.
  13. Bōsōzoku_Bro

    my jzx81 build

  14. Someone needs to get into the re-inforced sub-frame business and market it to tc.net!
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    Rocket Office

    Just went and looked at the engine and tranny, spoke with the owner, handed in my t4, waiting for a nice cheque. I should be starting the swap sometime in the next month after I gather all of the parts i'm going to need before hand. I am getting the front half shaft and lsd from a turbo mk3. I'm also getting the pedal assembly and clutch master. The engine is a front sump so I'm set there. I was under the assumption that I could just use the stock cross member but is it necessary to get the jzx81 brackets and mounts or will the 7m ones work? Will the engine fit with the stock 1jz clutch fan? Can anyone think of anything i'm leaving out or anything that I should get to make my life easier? Was wondering what the best idea for running a BOV are? How does the 1j normally vent? I am aware that to use 550cc injectors on a 1j with stock twins requires the use of the 7m low impedance resistor pack. Is there one on the 7m-ge or is that only the gte?. Has anyone made anything from scratch themselves for this application. Or should I just say fuck it cause 550cc injectors for stock twins is overkill anyways? The Driftmotion packs are too pricy for me.
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    Rocket Office

    Some crappy stuff in my crappy car. Hammered some crap out of my crappy trunk, weighed a ton. There was more of this crap all over the floor. While I was at it I fixed the trunk lock and replaced my window that some shithead smashed out to break into my car, and realize there wasn't actually anything in the car to steal. Going to put this into my piece of crap. Purchasing sometime in the next few weeks, off a 240 fail project guy. Theres a bunch of extra crap on it. R154 /w short throw shifter Stock twins with ebay down pipe aluminum pullies 'toro red' powdercoat 550cc injectors greddy timing belt Front sump 6puck clutch with lightweight flywheel GREDDY prefec spec-b electronic boost controller AFC included $1500ish = Theft (Crappy)
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    Rocket Office

    Chill out... anyways moving on..
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    engine swap 1jzgte

  19. Bōsōzoku_Bro

    X8 OEM side impact door bars

    Quick, snap some pics of your opened door without the paneling so I can get an idea of what it looks like before I start tearing mine apart to replace the window that some puke smashed last night. I'm also interested in these door bars you speak of.
  20. Bōsōzoku_Bro

    Rocket Office

    YES, I love it when stupid fucks smash your window out to rifle through your car and find nothing in there to steal... I guess they weren't interested in the Mark II seats or floor mats. Woah someone moved my thread to fuckin' showoffs. I was planning on starting an actual build thread when I pick my engine un and start snapping some photos and doing write ups. Word this works though. How do I change the thread title then?
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    Rocket Office

    Any idea where to get a front sump for the soarer? With all the hardware ill need?
  22. Bōsōzoku_Bro

    Rocket Office

    I found a 1j out of a soarer that a fellow in the province next to mine is parting out. Waiting on details. What kind of sump is the soarer and will it fit in the cressida? Looks nice though, 83000km
  23. Bōsōzoku_Bro

    Rocket Office

    The good news http://www.dodo-logic.ca/?p=844 Props to Cam and his bro Chris for the pix and work done to the car. The Bad news. I blew my head gasket. I know several of you warned me about this and I lied to myself when I said it wasn't going to happen. Doesn't fucking matter. When you take a stock 7m winter drift practicing every day after work bagging the fuck out of it, you're gonna blow your head gasket. Let this be a message to everyone on this forum that this will happen to you. Good thing my dad will lend me his truck until it warms up enough to drive my skyline. All while i'm saving up for the big swap. Thanks for making a huge fucking engineering flaw Toyota. JZXP looks like we are going to be stuck together for life now... FYI im not fucking fixing that gasket, I might take a shit on it though.
  24. Bōsōzoku_Bro

    Mark Ass Trick. Trick Ass MarkII.

    Good job at taking a 1st place big win for the turbo Camry scene! Yesterday I saw a newer Oldsmobile cutlass with your same gt wing. Gotta love Saskatoon. Remember, keep your old wheels in check for this guy!