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  1. Hi guys! Hello from Moscow. Here some video from Russian Drift Series 2011. Me and my X-drift team promo clip. Check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozcGnY7prYU&context=C3158e37ADOEgsToPDskLtk5igJFS_HEksuJ7boOT7
  2. TheOnlyMike

    jzx90 drift from Russia

    Some drivers have sponsors like federal,yokohama,infinity tyres,but i haven't.I just have some trouble with my car and no money.But I still on the 2 place. Check out some video Outside temperature 40c
  3. TheOnlyMike

    jzx90 drift from Russia

    Some new photo from Russian Drift Series 2010
  4. TheOnlyMike

    Drift event photos. Everyone waste money!

    А little drift from Russia. Russian Drift Series 2010 championship 1 round
  5. TheOnlyMike


    I need it too for 90!How much?
  6. TheOnlyMike

    Greddy e-manage password

    Does anybody knows how to unlock the base map password? Have another e-manage with the base map and want to check it out.
  7. TheOnlyMike

    jzx90 drift from Russia

    Thanks. Bride seat will be soon )
  8. TheOnlyMike

    jzx90 drift from Russia

    À little about ìó ñàr.I bought it from Nakhodka.it is not so far from Japan.And about 9000km.from Moscow. Here some specs that I was installed. r154 whith XTD clutch (does someone was test it?or know something about it) Welded diff Cusco coilovers Cusco front / rear strut bar Cusco negative upper arm Blitz dual sbc boost controller Greddy intercooler kit Greddy E-manage blue configuration for stock turbo/ from etuner.com.au Power steering cooler Ducati ) Custom short knuckle for more angle Try to mount roll cage last week
  9. Hi.Do you think about handbrake?Or you will leave stock?