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  1. spooklover69

    Pearly whites and black metal

    t56 is in and driving! now on to the rear subframe setup gonna ride it out on the mkiii setup for a bit and see how it goes
  2. anyone have any idea what front rotors you would use for z32 brakes on my gx81 cresta ? car came with nissan alum calipers with no adapters (bolted directly to the knuckle) .. the hub bore on the rotors is oem toyota i need new rotors! only other option is buy a conversion kit and buy 300z rotors ps the hat on my exsisting rotors is shorter then the z ones hence the no adapters ps i briefly talked to gordo about this and we couldnt really come up with anything
  3. spooklover69

    New Look / Same Poor Taste

    love the color
  4. spooklover69

    Y0SH's JZX83

    lookin good !
  5. spooklover69

    project fresshida

  6. spooklover69

    project fresshida

    yea gordo in the process as we spaek !
  7. spooklover69

    project fresshida

  8. spooklover69

    project fresshida

    Also I put in a rps carbon twin clutch ! I cannot express how much I love that clutch it drives sooooo good everything about it is awesome !
  9. spooklover69

    project fresshida

    Pic from h20i this year made a couple passes at the track for fun then ripped a couple teeth off a few weeks later ! Oh well still runs good tuned on e85 now with a flex fuel sensor made 690whp
  10. this is a fuckin deal imo
  11. spooklover69

    project fresshida

    pic from hyperfest 2013 w/jdm headlights
  12. spooklover69

    project fresshida

    p.s. it still runs and i made it to my destination (home) just lost a cylinder or something
  13. spooklover69

    project fresshida

    lol it lasted a solid 40,000 miles or maybe even more? of extreme awesomeness haha gordo i haven't seen any videos of your super sweet 7m ripping around ???????
  14. spooklover69

    project fresshida

    well my cress finally lost an engine a while back ....(month or two ago) i have another engine already gonna be swapping it soon i will post some pics etc...
  15. spooklover69


    keep on keeping on G ! i've had s9 subframe and diff bushings in my car for over 40k @ 500+hp with zero issues never had any issues ... love all of the serial nine stuff i really want a set of those side moldings