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  1. StoneFree

    I knew this day was coming :(

  2. Always loved this car, mixed feelings on the feature since part of me feels it was well deserved but the other part of me thinks about all those kids that read this article, and start snatching up Cressidas off the market. Im already having trouble finding them in TX now Way to go to the owner...i think his thread was titled "Project Fresshida"....
  3. StoneFree

    How to take off steering wheel

    Ah yes...always felt the love
  4. StoneFree

    1979 toyota cressida Shakotan Zombie

    WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!!?!!?!?!?!?!??!?! Nobody buy this!!!!
  5. My first reaction, hell im still in an aftershock. WTF just happened to this thread?
  6. StoneFree

    Shinjitai's Cressidas

    I like where this is going, so well documented and put together. Hero among newbies it is!!!!
  7. StoneFree


    Man those parts better not go extinct or they'll be fetching a pretty penny in the market for a "Collectors item" heheheheh I was talking to Ameen and he told me he was hanging out with you, which was pretty funny since i was thinking he was still In Houston.... Nonetheless, good to know and glad you came up with this update to clarify everything.
  8. StoneFree

    X8 pulling to left on accel and decel

    I've had that issue happen to me before, i couldnt figure out what it was at work since i kept checking for suspension damage and the alignment was in specs but i did find the axle binding internally was yanking the car to one direction. Replaced the axle and have had no issues since. Keep in mind that there was no physical indication that the axle boot was torn or damaged. Secondly, Only way to eliminate the tire factor would be to rotate them to different combinations to see if it minimizes the pull in any way, typically a tire/radial pull with two even tread tires is not very drastic....im sure you already checked the tire pressure though... Try those two things before you do the alignment.Hope it helps
  9. StoneFree


    Could you let me know how much to ship the single kit(really could do without that wastegate) to 77056, i've been debating to replace my twins with another set of twins or a single turbo kit
  10. StoneFree


    Subscribed and digging that exhaust..Cant wait for this thing to go in action
  11. After throwing in the 1JZ once i got the car a while back, this last week i drove it every day, even though i had it up on sale....i've been hopin that ppl showing interest in the car flake out..and somehow earlier today i dcided im going to finish it after the last guy couldnt fall through I will have to agree with Brian that it's an uphill battle with this car...but after being so far into it i dont see myself turning back...
  12. well i want to retain the car as a stock car...i wish you were in TX though man...prlly be a bitch to get the car back here...especially with a blown motor..just how toast is it?
  13. i would not mind having this at ALL....might have to let you know on this later on if its still available since its EXACTLY what im looking for
  14. StoneFree

    FS: my X8's 3pc rims $900

    i wonder how much the shipping to Houston(77056) would be.... look very tempting to use for daily duties
  15. StoneFree

    Serialnine aero type 1 in Texas

    where in TX are you at anyways?