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  1. Mate, i had ALL these things you mentiones (meaning i tried everything), a silly friend of mine started swapping out the Spark Plugs, it fired IMMEDIATELY!! dont know fi you have tried, but, it worked for me....
  2. Boothy

    JZX81 Chaser Paint Code

    well fuck, it looks like its got crushed up pearls in it to me, i dont care about the name, i want the CODE!!!!
  3. Boothy

    JZX81 Chaser Paint Code

    I will have a look for it mate, in the front of the car though, i had a Badge plated to the firewall which reads: Colour Trim 24S YJ11 Is THIS my paint code for the pearl black and the grey under trim? i cant be sure
  4. Boothy

    Part I.D.

    its a charcoal canister, they ALL click, i dont even run mine and it clicks when it heaps up, fuel passes through it
  5. Boothy

    JZX81 Chaser Paint Code

    Has anyone got the paint colour code for the grey under trim and the pearl black paint on the chaser? I need some mixed up an cant find it anywhere!!!
  6. live in australia guys, adelaide. if you have anything anywhere let me know, and i will consider the postage costs. thanks.