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    chinese aluminum radiators on ebay

    Looks similar to the chinese shit they sell over here. It does the job just fine, haven't heard of m/any problems with them due to quality.
  2. I'm stumped aye. Someone else even suggested that it might be a Pop-up headlight controller for 'sleepy eyes' etc. :?: I'll have a look for some plugs.
  3. I found an H.L. Controller in the box containing my 1GGTE (GA70) loom. It is not plugged in to anything in the loom but does have auto elecrical looking plugs On the top is a control with the labels 'H' round to 'L'. The small writing at the bottom says Nagai Industries. Chur.
  4. Sambo

    Intercooler Size

    I'm no expert on finding the right size, but there is definately such a thing as overkill. If your IC is too big then you'll get much more lag than you need to due to the increased volume that needs pressurising.