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    lol stock 7m clutch and pressure plate with compclutch flywheel on my 1j with a w58 lol works fine for right now but i will be upgrading
  2. Gibbs


    shit looks dope man keep it up
  3. Gibbs

    Anyone got USDM twinzz?

    hmm idk then maybe try to block it see what happens thats all i can say maybe someone else will know here later on in the day. or did you check amirs already? see where his is going?
  4. Gibbs

    Anyone got USDM twinzz?

    kinda looks like a oil line port did you check to see if it was a vaccum? Also could be a water line
  5. Gibbs


    thanks big help
  6. Gibbs


    Can someone post up the spindle that needs to be welded to the megan coilovers so i kinda got a idea would be much appreciated
  7. Gibbs


    so thats the bottom knuckle right??
  8. Gibbs

    Stalling when coming to a stop

    my car also dies sometimes when i come to a complete stop
  9. Gibbs

    Sideways in style with ice cold AC!!

    car looks really good man keep it up
  10. Gibbs

    loren fail

    looking for more improvement fail till then
  11. Gibbs

    brendan pass

    pass for 1j and wanting more info!!
  12. Gibbs

    griffin fail

    would be nice if you had a cressida... but no
  13. Gibbs

    Brian's Cressida

    car looks good and sounds supper strong keep it up man
  14. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/JDM-Cressid...sQ5fAccessories for you die hard jdm'ers
  15. Gibbs

    Project Good Fortunes

    good work keep it up man hey the 7m will do for now just wait till you get a jz then you will shine!!
  16. on my title to my car its register as a corrolla i was like its not a corrolla but they did it anyway...
  17. Gibbs

    Ameen's cressida

    looking good ammen this car is a beast to watch drift in person!!! see you at lonestar bash imma get what i need done and ill be there going for broke!!
  18. Gibbs

    Speed Hunters - Texas Mile

    where is this going down exactly??