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  1. let me know if you guys have a extra one laying around seem to have lost mine
  2. Gibbs

    The never ending hole in my pocket

    Already talked to him about it I gotta get the parts for him first to replicate
  3. Gibbs

    progress at a glacial pace

    Looking real good
  4. Gibbs

    The never ending hole in my pocket

    Will do still waiting on it to be shipped I don't know what's taking it so long
  5. Gibbs

    The never ending hole in my pocket

    Fix some things order some things. Notice that when i drive the car at full throttle it acted really funny as soon as boost came on. So i thought to my self how is this thing acting and went to do research. Come to find out the drive by wire's traction control is built into the stupid shit and you gotta delete it via this thing So im waiting on that to get here and gonna give it a go pray that it fixes the problem other then that the car runs great
  6. Gibbs

    Teddy Roosevelt rides a moose

    I did that the other day I was like shit I was a idiot. Well I still am for the most part
  7. Gibbs

    Anybody interested in this shit?!?

    I have jzx81 brackets in my black car could test it there
  8. yeah but you can at least make it look decent haha.
  9. I feel with proper sheet metal work you could cover it back up and lay carpet back down.Where there is a will there is a way
  10. Gibbs

    The (Amazing) x8 Amazing build thread Amazing

    Damn that looks good lol
  11. Gibbs

    Shaolin Landfill

  12. Gibbs

    Anybody interested in this shit?!?

    i'm super down for this as always
  13. yeah he is a bit busy i guess but he got back to me within about every 2 hours i contacted him
  14. Yahoo jp and jesses Streeter is the way to go I just got a killer deal on wheels lol
  15. Gibbs

    is my safc a dud?

    my throttle straight up wasn't working and still ran like a dream
  16. Gibbs

    Project Hantavirus

    Awd Cressida I like it
  17. You get up with Chris yet on that idle air control valve measurements
  18. Gibbs

    Trash boat

    So it's gonna kind of look like my car
  19. changed them all already problem is still there
  20. And the car didnt like the denso's idk wtf is up with this thing
  21. Gibbs

    My pathological predisposition for wasting money

    Just recheck your body harness wiring that's what was wrong with mine
  22. Gibbs

    My pathological predisposition for wasting money

    What's it doing exactly?
  23. Gibbs

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    Rad Gordo i like that a lot