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  1. Gibbs

    FS: MX83 Cressida parts

    price tag me on both corner lights if the still have the brackets on them and headlights as well
  2. Gibbs

    Need a new Steering rack X8

    meh it will be worth it
  3. Gibbs

    What Drive shaft

    hmm ok
  4. Gibbs

    Need a new Steering rack X8

    i would go get the used one for $40 bucks!
  5. Gibbs

    FC sway bar mounted

    shit looks tough how much did it run you?
  6. Gibbs

    The never ending hole in my pocket

    got my buddys car running just need to get all the bugs out now will get pics this weekend hopefully and maybe video
  7. Gibbs

    7mgte no spark

    ok so we have all the proper wires hook up.. Check all the grounds and power wires and changed the cam postion sensor ecu coil pack but yet still no spark. Wonder if it could be from the body not being gounded enough or what can anyone throw me any ideas or who may have had problems with this. Much appreciated thanks.
  8. Gibbs

    7mgte no spark

    just needed the pins swapped around in the cam postioning sensor car runs now just gotta work out the bugs
  9. Gibbs

    WTB Stock X8 diff cover

    looking for just the plate cover for those of you who run the 430 diff thought yall might still have yalls old diff still and maybe sell me the cover off of it! let me know a price and shipping to 77590 texas city, texas
  10. Gibbs

    WTB Stock X8 diff cover

    yeah pm me your info!!
  11. Gibbs

    WTB Stock X8 diff cover

    i just need the plate my plate cracked...
  12. Gibbs

    charlie g pass

    pass for a good pick up
  13. Gibbs

    Drift event photos. Everyone waste money!

    not really a action shot but i snuck in a couple of runs at the local event killed a 75% tread life set of tires in 4 runs god i love the cres!
  14. LOL^^ but this X7 is so clean by far one of the cleanest i have ever seen
  15. Gibbs

    casey pass

    pass but gonna wanna see some action pics soon!!
  16. Gibbs

    The never ending hole in my pocket

    wow just got my cres back together after a month and a half and omg how i have missed it
  17. Gibbs

    amir pass

    pass of course
  18. Gibbs

    FS or part out MX83 NC, USA

    is the car gonna be parted if so how much for your front corner lights?
  19. Gibbs

    Ameen's cressida

    man that was fast they must be covering this event hard
  20. looking for a pic of 7mgte intercooler piping ran on stock supra intercooler anyone got a pic so i can get the general idea for the cessida
  21. yeah we got it finally thanks for the pics though man!
  22. Gibbs

    Looking for new engine

    so did you purchase your 1jz?
  23. Gibbs

    The never ending hole in my pocket

    thats my buddy corey thats his x8 where building also my tie rods came in today!!
  24. i will see if my friend wants to buy it or not then ill let you know